Study Master’s degrees in Seattle, United States -

Study Master's Degrees in Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle at a glance

The port city of Seattle, located in Washington State, United States,  is home to several Fortune 500 companies including the tech-giant Microsoft, world’s largest online retail store Amazon, coffee chain Starbucks, clothing merchant Nordstrom, just to mention a few. If your desire is to blend academics and relevant industry experience, Seattle is definitely the place to be. The city’s economy is technology-driven and most foreign students love the cosmopolitan lifestyle. Seattle is ranked as one of the most successful and educated cities in the U.S. confirmed by the fact that 56% of the population hold at least a Bachelor’s degree. Seattle is one of the north-most large cities in the world, also known as the "Gateway to Alaska", due to its proximity to the American northern state .   


Studying in Seattle

Universities in Seattle offer courses tailored to meet international demands. In addition to regular degree courses, you can find diverse short courses, online programmes and various diploma-awarding studies. Join a foundation programme in order to gain essential knowledge to help you gain entry to an undergraduate programme. Some of the best academic disciplines you can pursue here include information technology, engineering, business-related courses, engineering, sciences, medicine, law, education, among others. MBAs are also highly sought-after degrees in Seattle, offering high quality competitive programmes. Conduct key research in well-equipped labs you will get to use during your regular studies, or later, if you decide to pursue a PhD in a university in Seattle .

The primary language of instruction for undergraduate and post-graduate courses is English. Most universities in Seattle don’t require the ACT or SAT for freshmen applicants from outside the United State, but high scores will definitely boost chances of being considered.


Career opportunities in Seattle

Seattle’s economy is robust, with most of the residents employed in the management, business, finance, engineering, science, healthcare, aerospace and technology sectors. Tourism, being Washington State’s fourth largest industry, has its bedrock in Seattle.

Some companies offer part-time contracts to students to help supplement their on-campus expenses with possibilities of full-time contracts after graduation. Universities in Seattle are large student employers, but there are also many work opportunities in information and communication technology, led by companies like Microsoft, Real Networks and Amazon. The biggest employers include Costco, Microsoft, Amazon, Nordstrom, Expedia and Starbucks. You can also find internship opportunities in most companies in Seattle, some offered through partnerships with the universities.


Seattle city life

Seattle is well-known for its impressive skyline, especially the world-famous Space Needle building, offering a beautiful view of the city, from above. Fascinating after-class hangouts for students include numerous coffee shops in Seattle, Lake Union with its sparkling water, Pike Place Market or Elliot Bay.

Roam the city’s largest park – Discovery Park – and get a taste of excellently prepared seafood at Pike Place Market. Take a walk downtown and visit the Seattle Art Museum and the Henry Art Gallery. Marvel at Seattle’s many breath-taking views by strolling along the promenade and piers on Seattle’s Waterfront or head to the Aquarium. The Seattle Great Wheel is one of the largest Ferris wheels in the U.S.

Irrespective of the time or month of the year, there is always something happening in Seattle such as water skiing in Puget Sound in summer or the snow skiing in Crystal Mountain. Wrap it all up with the evergreen forest around the city, the beautiful Olympic mountain ranges and the dazzling cascades.

Seattle has been a regional centre for the performing arts for many years. Enjoy the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, the Seattle Opera, musical shows on 5th Avenue Theatre, and dozens of jazz nightclubs. Seattle is also considered the home of grunge music, producing artists like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Preal Jam or Alice in Chains.

International atmosphere in Seattle

There are various top ranked universities of high repute in Seattle. Being a global city, it attracts thousands of international students who pursue a variety of university programmes, with significant numbers of learners coming from Asia, especially Korea, China and Taiwan. European countries such as Italy, Poland, Romania, Greece and many others, accounts for about six percent of the total foreign student population in Seattle.

With a blend of so many religions, traditions and cultures in the universities, students love learning from each other, developing a truly global understanding of the world. English is widely spoken here, but Spanish and other foreign languages are gradually picking up.

Weather Seattle

The green city of Seattle experiences a wet climate, owning to its nickname - the Rainy City. Summers tend to be dry and not humid, with temperatures averaging 21°C (70°F). It doesn’t snow heavily in winter and temperatures rarely drop below -7°C (20°F).

Universities in Seattle

At Northeastern, experience is our essence and ethos. It’s what you gain when you make the world your classroom, your laboratory, and your platform to create change or grow your enterprise. Throughout our university network, experience draws you into society and compels you to solve its complex challenges.

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Seattle U connects one of the world’s top cities for technology and innovation with the world’s most respected values-based education system and network. Great teaching and transformative learning empower you for career success. Accomplished faculty challenge you to think critically, discover your passion and embrace a life of purpose and service to others. 

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The University of Washington educates a diverse student body to become responsible global citizens and future leaders through a challenging learning environment informed by cutting-edge scholarship.

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The Goddard of today took shape in earnest in 1938, when a group of educators led by Royce “Tim” Pitkin proposed a Vermont “College for Living” to be located on a Plainfield sheep farm purchased from the Martin family. 

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