Study Master's Degrees in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul at a glance

Istanbul, in Turkey, is the former capital of many past empires and the only city which stretches on two continents. Its rich cultural history makes it a natural destination for so many creative energies, especially young students from around the globe. It has a bustling economy, mainly fuelled by its historical and geographic advantages. One of the largest tourist destinations in the world, Istanbul is also the educational engine of Turkey and it offers a competitive mix of Europe and Asia, with a clear pragmatic approach to international education. It is the ideal destination for people who haven’t yet decided on their professional aim, as Istanbul’s universities have plenty of options to study for a chosen career path. Its affordable prices and majestic scenery entice even the most reluctant foreign student. 


Studying in Istanbul

Istanbul’s many universities, both private and public, have many study programmes to offer international students, especially in the fields of engineering, business and computer sciences. The most numerous programme options are the MBAs and Bachelors in finance, business, commerce, political science and international relations, alongside the many specialised degree choices in engineering. Some of the consolidated study programmes available are in the area of food safety and bioengineering. The Bachelors and Masters programmes in social sciences and humanities include in their curriculum a clear pedagogical approach, being oriented towards the training of future teaching staff. For the other, more applied sciences, the teaching methods are combined with field and laboratory practice, often in partnership with private enterprises. Universities also have options for online courses in business, healthcare management or computer science, as well as specialised graduate schools organising PhD studies in engineering, economics, political science, computer engineering and history.


Career opportunities in Istanbul

Istanbul has a strong and diverse economy, with tourism being the largest sector, with thousands of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions gathering employees with degrees in business or tourism and hospitality management. The rest of the services sector completes the job market alongside finance and the local industries. The largest employer for finance and business majors is the Istanbul Stock Exchange, alongside the Big4 audit giants. Logistic jobs are also in high demand to cater to the city’s two airports and the official port authority which handles transport and freight. For IT and computer science graduates, potential job destinations include companies like Siemens, Huawei, Vodafone, Philips or IBM, which have important headquarters in the city.


Istanbul city life

Istanbul’s long history as the capital of empires has left it with a rich collection of monuments and landmarks, that are world renown tourist attractions:

  • Hagia Sophia
  • The Blue Mosque
  • The Grand Bazaar
  • Topkapi Palace
  • The Golden Horn
  • Prince Island

Istanbul is a great place for sightseeing, with numerous pedestrian walkways, squares and parks, as well as docks and bridges from where to admire the scenery. There are several options for ferries and boats which offer trips through the Bosphorus Strait, the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.

Istanbul also has a rich sports life, with many valuable soccer teams, as well as world-renown basketball teams. As a bustling tourist attraction, Istanbul also has a rich nightlife with numerous clubs and bars catering to the demands of foreigners interested in music and parties.

International atmosphere in Istanbul

Istanbul is a very cosmopolitan city, especially given its position between Europe and Asia. It is a bustling centre of trade, research and culture, gathering tourists, expats and international students from all across the world. Besides Turkish, English is widely spoken, as well as Arabic, Russian and Greek. Istanbul has quite a tolerant community, with various faiths coexisting peacefully. Thanks to its large student community, the majority of the city is very young and dynamic.

Weather Istanbul

The weather in Istanbul fluctuates greatly due to its geographic position, however, generally, it is very humid, with abundant fog. Winters are cold, with average January temperatures of about 4 °C (39 °F) and unpredictable snowfall. Average annual precipitation are around 810 millimetres (31.9 in). Summers are mild, with little or no rainfall and average temperatures in July of 29 °C (84 °F).


Accommodation costs in Istanbul

There are plenty of affordable housing options in Istanbul:

  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre is around 454 EUR/month, while three bedrooms cost 835 EUR/month
  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city centre is about 243 EUR/month, while three bedrooms cost approximately 453 EUR/month
  • On-campus housing costs around 534 EUR/month for a single room, 484 EUR/month for a double room and 445 EUR/month for a triple room.

Living costs in Istanbul

Istanbul is a reasonably affordable city, with living costs ranging between 400 and 497 EUR/month, excluding accommodation. The budget for food reaches 147 EUR/month, while utilities cost around 82 EUR/month. A local transport monthly pass is 50 EUR, while a one-way ticket costs 0.64 EUR.

Universities in Istanbul

CIFE is a private institution of higher education and research, founded in 1954 with its head office in Nice and branch offices in Berlin, Brussels and Istanbul. It receives special funding in the framework of the Jean Monnet Program of the European Union.  

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Istanbul University brings together the East and the West; the past and the future; also it is the leading University raising competent individuals who produce beneficial knowledge for our country and humanity.

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Our mission at Dogus University is to educate individuals who are aware of the issues regarding their country and the world, can recognize and appreciate differences, have developed a point of view focusing on solutions, can come up with innovative ideas and stand by critical mind with an intellectual personality. 

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Bahçeşehir University expects to be the leading force regionally and nationally in the enhancement of knowledge. Bahceşehir University aims to educate students who are committed to promoting respect for the rights of others, who are considerate and appreciative of human differences, and of the constructive expression of ideas.

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