Why Choose an Online Project Management Master’s Programme

In no more than a decade, project management evolved from a mystic art unique to the construction industry, to one of the most important positions in almost every business. 

It is a fantastic choice if you want a career that is future-proof and where your skills and knowledge will be needed in ten years. In this article, we will explore why this position is so important and introduce some of the best online programmes for project management.

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The life of a project manager

As a project manager, you play a useful and key role in the organisation. Your main task is to ensure that the team you are in charge of achieves its objectives. This can be very diverse, including closing a sales deal, conducting a tender, developing software, or carrying out property development.

Your work will typically involve negotiation to ensure that:

  •  Team members are clear about the big, shared goal
  • Team members know their own sub-goals and milestones
  • The current status of the project is well documented
  • Key stakeholders have all the information and resources they need to complete their assigned tasks in a timely manner

 As part of your role, you should continuously analyse risks and help team members manage any issues (which they usually do). To master project management at a high level, you need both sound theoretical knowledge and soft skills. Don’t forget to take our quick personality test to see if you are a good fit for a project management programme.

Why choose one of the Online Project Management Master’s Programmes?

Although they require some "live" presence, online programmes give you the opportunity to learn when and how it is best and most convenient for you. The biggest advantage of the online format is that you can actively have a job while taking the course, and also get used to communicating in the online space, which is essential for a project manager.

Online study Master's programme

Social life may not be as vibrant as in a standard university programme, organisers put a lot of emphases to ensure that there are always opportunities for networking.

Based on the high ranking of the online experience, the length, and the accessibility of the courses, let’s see our top choices for Online Project Management Master’s Programmes.

Rated highly for both student satisfaction and online classroom experience, the University of Essex should be on the top of your list. This institution offers a 16-month-long online postgraduate course for Project Management, in which you will learn all the contemporary methodologies that you can apply to succeed in this position.

This online programme is tailored to create a personalised experience that brings you the closest to an on-campus experience. In addition to the theoretical knowledge, the teachers focus on developing your soft skills, which are vital to becoming an effective project manager. The programme duration is moderately long (30 months), however, you will be able to participate while working.

This institution offers a fully online course on business project management, for which you will need 21-33 months to complete. While it may seem a long period, the course leaders emphasize that they build on the students’ work experience and boost it further with hard theoretical knowledge and practice that reflects real-life situations.

This online Master's programme is offered by UNICAF in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University. UNICAF is a young university with a mission to make internationally recognised higher education available to as many students as possible. Their programmes are accredited by the British Accreditation Council. The university also offers many scholarships annually, with more than US $100 million spent on scholarships until now.

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If you want to know more about pricing, duration, and other key facts about the above courses, or if you are interested in our complete summary of Online Project Management Master’s Programmes, check out this list.

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