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Where to Study Medicine in English in 2023

Medicine remains one of the most sought-after degrees in the world. And studying at a medical school is many things but easy. So, it makes sense that if you want to study a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Medicine abroad, you want to find courses that are taught in English.

But where should you study Medicine in English, and what should you keep in mind about language requirements before applying to a med school abroad?

Let’s find out!

How many English-taught Medical degrees are out there?

Based on all the study programmes listed on our main portals — Bachelorsportal, Mastersportal, PhDportal — there are over 18,000 Medical degrees taught in English. Most of them are available at Master’s level:

Which countries offer the most English-taught Medical degrees?

First of all, let’s get the obvious out of the way: English-speaking countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others are the ones with the most degrees in Medicine taught in English. So, we’ll leave them aside.

Which other countries offer the most English-taught Medical degrees then? Here are your main options:

How do I know if a Medical degree is taught in English?

All the Medical degrees available on our portals are taught in English; still, it’s always a good idea to check the language requirements because you will need to provide proof of your English skills. Medical schools usually accept one of the following international English tests:

If you search for a Medical degree on other (university) websites, you should expect to find programmes that are either only for national students or that require students to know the official local language.

Example of English language requirements at an English-taught Medical school

Is English enough to study Medicine abroad?

The short answer is yes for all Medical programmes taught entirely in English.

The long answer is complicated. To clear things up, let’s take Germany as an example. German universities offer both English-taught and German-taught courses in Medicine. As an international student, you can apply to both as long as you meet the minimum language requirements.

Things change after graduation. If you want to become a certified doctor in that country, Germany in our case, you’ll need to speak German; the state examinations will be in German, just like the practical year at a local hospital or clinic.

You will encounter this situation in almost any other country. English might be enough to graduate with a degree in Medicine, but it won’t be enough to work as a doctor in that country (unless the country is anglophone or has English as an official language).

Discover the medical school entry requirements in the US and various countries in Europe.

Where to study Medicine for free in English?

The tuition fees that you need to pay during med school usually depend on your nationality. In Europe, for example, most universities make a clear distinction between EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA students.

If you’re looking for a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Medicine that’s both free and taught in English, start your search here:

  • public med schools in Germany are free to all international students
  • public med schools in Norway are free to all international students
  • public med schools in Finland, Denmark, and Sweden are free to EU/EEA students

Even though these are the most popular options, keep in mind that you can find free or cheap degrees in many other countries (e.g. France) by simply using our websites’ helpful features and filters.

PS Don’t be surprised to see high tuition fees at private med schools in these countries. If you’re looking for affordable studies, you should turn to public universities.

Find English-taught Masters in Medicine

The best English-taught med schools in the world

If you want a premium study experience, these are the top universities that offer Medical programmes according to the QS rankings by subject:

As you can see, most of these med schools are either in the United States or the United Kingdom. Feel free to check out top-ranked med schools from other regions or countries:

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