Best Aerospace Engineering Schools in the World. University Rankings 2022

Ready to design the spaceship that will finally get us to Mars? Or perhaps you want to create a passenger air plane that will make the Concorde look slow? Then I see a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering in your future.

It’s the first step towards a career that helps people to explore the outer space, to defend their countries, and travel thousands of kilometres across the world in no time.

To be successful, you cannot go wrong by studying at some of the best aerospace engineering schools in the world:

1. Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering – QS Rankings by Subject 2021

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2. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering – World University Rankings 2022

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3. Aerospace Engineering – Shanghai Rankings by Subject 2021

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Here are other aerospace engineering schools we recommend:

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Student reviews of the best aerospace engineering schools in the world

Check out a few reviews from students who took courses at some of the best aerospace engineering schools listed above. You can find similar reviews and insights on most university pages available on our websites.

Student reviews of universities on Studyportals' websites

Harvard University

“I really liked how small the classes were. I got close with a lot of my professors, which was nice because it allowed me to understand the material better and just build that connection with them. I think how close it was to everything, easy access to shopping malls and food. The one thing that can improve is the tuition. It is a very expensive school and tuition is always going up so fixed tuition would be great.”

University of Cambridge

“The University of Cambridge is incredible in offering students an almost unique student experience, in terms of extra-curricular opportunities, a college community, the formals, the gowns and of course the intense and very personalised teaching. With one-to-one supervision and small teaching groups, the quality of education is very good.”

TU Delft

“The university is full of opportunities such as some of the best student teams in the world. As long as you actively seek for the chance, you can realize anything there. Also, there are a lot of international students coming all over the world, so you won't feel isolated even if you are not a Dutch person.”

Politecnico di Milano

“It is one of the best universities for international students; it has more than 40,000 students. Its ranking really reflects the quality of education at this university. Another important advantage of this university is, there are a lot of international students almost from all over the world, even the US. I recommend this university of a student who wants to specialize in Engineering, design, and architecture.”

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