7 Universities in Europe Offering Master’s Degrees Recognized in the U.S.

If you want to study at an American university these days, you don’t even need to travel to the US.  You can get American-style education two ways. The first option is probably easy to guess: you can study online.

But did you know that you can also pursue an on-campus Master’s degree at an American university, without actually having to go to the United States? Around the world, there are free-standing U.S. universities, satellite international campuses or partnerships with local universities.

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The reasons why you would like to attend an American university abroad can vary. Maybe you’re attracted by the high standards of American education. Maybe you are an American living abroad and feel more comfortable with your home country’s teaching style.

Plus, American universities abroad have much lower tuition fees than their counterparts in the US. Not to mention it’s easier to get a job at an American company if they see you studied at an American university.

Whatever it is, here are 7 American universities with campuses in Europe that you should definitely check out:

American universities abroad

1. Richmond, the American International University in London

At Richmond, the American International University in London you can get an American degree while studying at one of its two campuses in London.  But wait a second is it only an American degree?

It’s more. The university is the first and the only in the UK that can award dual-taught degrees, which means you will receive a UK and USA degree. This will have tremendous advantages while looking for employment opportunities because it will make you stand out from the crowd. You want more? Richmond has it.  Other great reasons to study there are scholarships, integrated internships and a flexible American Liberal Arts system.

2. John Cabot University, in Italy

Located in Rome, Italy, John Cabot University  confirms that all roads lead to Rome. Studying there will mean that you get the best of an American liberal arts education combined with the amazing history and cultural heritage of good old Rome. The focus on cultural sensitivity will surely pave the path to a transformative student experience.

3. Anglo-American University, Prague

The oldest private university in Czech Republic, the Anglo-American University, Prague awards globally recognised degrees, that are fun and motivating to obtain. How do they do it? By focusing on small, interactive classes with discussions and projects. An international study environment, talent recognition and the fact that the university gives back to society, make it all the more a great option for your studies.

4. Central European University (CEU), in Hungary

Working towards rethinking open society and giving everybody equal opportunities to pursue great education, Central European University (CEU) operates from fascinating Budapest in Hungary. Accredited in both the United States and Hungary, CEU is a top study destination for Masters and PhDs. The international student community fosters creativity, tolerance and personal and social transformation. Known for excellence in teaching and research, CEU also offers great scholarships.

5. Romanian-American University, in Romania

A little bit more to the South, the Romanian-American University might be less-known, but much more affordable. Located in Bucharest, Romania, the university prides itself with great academics, a scenic and well-connected location and its very own American professors. If you want to study in a place that promotes American progressive educational values, but also embraces the diverse international academic traditions, don’t shy away from this uni.

American universities abroad

6. Hult International Business School, in the UK and Asia

Hult International Business School has campuses outside the USA in London, Dubai and Shanghai and defines itself more like a global network of education rather than simply a business school. Generally, the study programmes take place in multiple locations challenging you to both study and discover new cultures. As a Hult graduate you will be highly employable. Other reasons to choose Hult? You’ll learn to put theory to practice, gain leadership skills, and you’ll have the possibility to go for a dual degree.

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7. Webster University , in Austria, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland and beyond

As other contenders on our list, Webster University gives you the chance to study in multiple campuses in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Wherever you chose to study, at Webster you’ll benefit from the same American style system of teaching and learning. This means personalized and flexible study programmes focused on your education and achievements.

Other great universities for international American students

So, you are an American student. But if you’re studying abroad you want to get the taste of that country’s academic style. As the word goes… When in Rome … study like the Romans do! Well, you don’t have to necessarily study in Rome, of course.

Study online at American universities

So, you are not American. But you are convinced that U.S. universities are the best. And there’s no physical American university in your country. And travelling to the U.S. to study isn’t really an option for you.  What can you do?

One thing is sure. You don’t have to put pause on your dreams of pursuing a Master’s at an American University. Choose the best possible solution in your situation. Do an online degree! You’ll discover that are plenty renowned universes in the USA that have introduced distance learning programmes, most of them with very affordable tuition fees. Here are some of your recommendations:

Getting an American degree can be easier than you imagine. Keep and open mind wherever you are, and find the solution that works for you! 

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