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Why I Chose to Study in Denmark: The Story of Beltus, from Cameroon

Studying abroad is an amazing experience that can bring so much to your life: new and everlasting friends, sights you only saw in pictures, and the best opportunity of getting closer to accomplishing your dream.

And Beltus Atungsiri got to experience all of this to the fullest:

“It does not necessarily mean you must study abroad to survive, but I think it’s another advantage, because when you study abroad, in an international setting, you come across and you mingle with people from different parts of the world.

There were a lot of books written by people abroad in diaspora. But if you don’t really live this experience, you won’t really appreciate it. If the world is becoming a global village, it means it’s also becoming competitive, and if the world is becoming competitive, then you have to upgrade your personal capacity, to be able to fit in.”

How Beltus wants to change the world for the better

Also, Beltus wasn’t studying abroad just to get ahead of the game; he also kept an eye on the final prize: that of making a difference in his home country. That’s why he started a small NGO in Cameroon and is a militant for Women’s Rights.

Student experience of an international student

1. Giving back to the community

“We all have personal ambitions, but I think it’s also important to think of giving back to your society. It makes a lot of sense to study abroad, then you come back and impart what you’ve learned with your society.

A lot of people fear that it may not be easy to come back, because of the lack of opportunities, especially with the global South. But I think it’s possible to create partnerships and give back to your community, to create partnerships with the global North, and use those partnerships to create an impact.”

2. Supporting women to speak up

And, based on what he learned at his Master’s degree in Development and International Relations with a specialisation in Global Gender Studies at Aalborg University, and based on what he wants to see happening in his home country, Beltus started helping women find their voices and demand the place they deserved in the Cameroonian society.

“Most of these Southern countries have been independent for over 60 years, but what has happened is that some of them have instead gone backwards. So, actually, what I identify here is a problem of confidence. My personal experience from my country is a big motivation for me to see governance changed in the whole global South.”

3. Giving hope to young people

But how can studying abroad change all of this? Easy: by expanding the horizons of so many young people, making everything seem reachable and possible, with a bit of effort.

“I have many young people who have dreams that they are not able to realize because society has limited their dreams. I was kind of fortunate, because, after my Bachelor’s, I worked for a while, so I saved some money, which actually enabled me to pay for the tuition.”

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How Beltus found his dream programme

And, with a bit of help from us as well, Beltus’ dream of studying abroad, in Denmark, was made possible:

“In the beginning it was difficult, until I stumbled onto Studyportals, which made things really easy. It felt to me like a little bit of everything.”

“I found the Master’s programme in Development and International Relations at Aalborg University very fascinating and it was actually what I needed for my career objectives. That’s the reason why I chose Aalborg University.”

If you feel inspired by Beltus' story and his drive to study abroad, try starting from where he did, as well, and check these study options in Denmark, the country he studied in:

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