Top 10 Subjects to Study for a Master's Degree in Canada -

Top 10 Subjects to Study for a Master's Degree in Canada

Home to many of the top-ranked universities and colleges in the world and an English-speaking country, it is no wonder that Canada is one of the top study abroad destinations.

Getting a student visa for Canada and also being admitted to a Canadian university is not complicated or a tough mission. You should not hesitate to at least consider the wide and diverse number of study options available in Canada.

Canadian universities from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec count the most international students. In these cities, you will not just have access to world-class education, but also enjoy a rich and vibrant student life.

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We'll offer you more information about the top 10 degree subjects you can study in Canada to make your decision easier. Before we dive into that, have a look at some of the best universities in Canada:

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Now, let's take a look at the top Master's degrees in Canada:

1. Study Computer Science degrees in Canada

Canadian universities offer a wide range of Computer Science degree specialisations, from Data Science and Robotics to Cloud Computing and Business systems. All Computer Science programmes cover a generous theoretical background combined with several practical assignments, projects, research and even internship opportunities in IT companies.

Computer Science graduates are in high demand on the job market. As the global development of technology shows no sign of stopping, this is a great choice for your studies, with numerous full-time jobs in Canada waiting for the right Computer Science graduate.

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2. Study Civil Engineering degrees in Canada

By enrolling in a Civil Engineering programme at a Canadian university, you will get expertise in urban and environmental planning and learn to design bridges, highways, or buildings. Civil Engineering degrees will teach you how to create solid construction structures while also paying attention to aesthetic features.

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3. Study Public Health degrees in Canada

As one of the most developed countries in the world in terms of quality of life, a good public health management, primary care and health prevention are some of Canada’s top priorities. So, you will have a lot to learn if you apply to a Master’s degree in Public Health at a university in Canada.

Master's degrees in Public Health cover work placement in Public Health Agency of Canada, public heath units, Ministry of Health or World Health Organisation.

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4. Study Finance degrees in Canada

Canada has one of the fastest growing economies in the developed world, with a social market economy that blends an open and free market with a high level of social security. As a Finance student, you will learn about financial systems worldwide but also analyse and assess at first hand the advantages of the economic system of Canada.

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5. Study Human Resource Management in Canada

Canada takes pride in a highly skilled labour force and in supporting an inclusive labour market. Canada promotes equal employment opportunities and has also sustained the importance of offering support to minorities.

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So studying Human Resource Management in Canada truly sounds like a safe bet. You will understand core business functions and learn valuable techniques for driving organisational results in volatile markets.

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6. Study Mechanical Engineering degrees in Canada

By choosing a Master’s programme in Mechanical Engineering at a university in Canada, you will experience world-class education and benefit from doing research in remarkable and modern laboratories. Faculty members have been acknowledged for their excellent teaching and research achievements. You will acquire a series of valuable skills and gain insights in computer-aided vehicle engineering, composites or computational fluid dynamics and get involved in several projects of applied mechanics.

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7. Study Pharmacy degrees in Canada

Master’s degrees in Pharmacy provided by universities in Canada cover several specialisations such as drug and vaccine delivery, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, bio-technology, molecular biology, clinical pharmacy, or pharmacy education.

You will have access to state-of-the-art research laboratories, like special rooms for organic synthesis, a cell culture facility, and pharmacology labs. Embark on the amazing mission of discovering and developing new drugs and prepare for a fulfilling career in the pharmacy industry, government and academia, or other health professions.

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8. Study Electrical Engineering degrees in Canada

Students who enrol in an Electrical Engineering Master’s degree in Canada will get to combine general Engineering knowledge with design projects and a lot of laboratory work. In addition to a lot of courses that focus on Electrical Engineering principles, you will also attend classes of economics, technical writing or ecology to capture the real-life business and industry environment.

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9. Study Psychology degrees in Canada

Psychology Master’s degrees available in Canadian universities offer students access to interesting training opportunities. You can acquire practical experience in local clinics and some universities have their own academic teaching hospital.

Within your psychology programme, you get to learn more about behavioural neuroscience, child development and cognitive science. You will be taught by leading professionals with research expertise in language acquisition, gender roles or multiple personalities.

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10. Study International Relations degrees in Canada

As one of the most popular disciplines of today, a Master’s degree in International Relations is among the top 10 university degrees in Canada. International Relations courses will touch upon important and challenging topics like global finance, international political economy, or humanitarian intervention.

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Understand the impact of worldwide political decisions, legislative regulations and social policies upon developing countries and learn to assess strategies that lead to broader goals such as peace and stability. Most Masters in International Relations include foreign language training, study abroad experiences and internships in international organisations such as the UN.

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