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Highest-Paying Jobs in Canada and Best Universities to Get You Hired

More than 600,000 international students chose to study in Canada, and many will stay in the country after they graduate, trying to get a good job. Among the ten highest-paying jobs in Canada we’ve selected, doctors of different specialisations top the chart, but nurses, product owners, and even miners also earn a very high salary.

Of course, many areas of work have the potential of a high income once you reach a position of seniority or leadership. And nothing beats the satisfaction you get from doing something you love. Still, there are a few domains like IT, law, or architecture, where even with an average salary for that profession, you still earn higher than most.

Don’t forget that average salaries are meant to give you an idea about how much you could earn. But your income will often depend on your knowledge, skills, and connections. This is why the university you chose matters a great deal, and below, we’ve chosen the ones that give you the best chance of getting you the job you want.

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What degrees relate to the highest-paying jobs in Canada

To land one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada, you need to consider your field of work, the university you choose, and the path that your career needs to take to reach that job.

young doctor or nurse in Canada

Medical sciences

1. Physician $253,843 per year

Being a doctor is probably the best-paid profession in Canada. Salaries can go as high as $300,000+ per year, especially for surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, or anaesthesiologists.

2. Dentist $177,266 per year

Dentistry is not covered by state insurance; therefore, dentists are free to start their own private practices, and this comes with significant earnings.

3. Psychologist $138,000 per year

Psychotherapy is a growing trend among people, partly because we are becoming more aware of the importance of mental health, partly because the struggles of our times often put extraordinary pressure on a lot of people, so if you study psychology, you can be sure your profession will be in high demand and you’ll have one of the highest-paid jobs in Canada.

In 2018, in Canada, the number of psychologists reached 18, 800

4. Registered nurse $89,579 per year

Nurses might be the most respected professionals in Canada, according to a survey in which 92% of Canadians expressed very positive opinions about nurses.

5. Optometrist $103,328 per year

>> Where to study Medical Sciences if you want to have one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada

To have the possibility of working one of the best jobs in Canada, first, you need to get a Bachelor’s and, in the case of medical sciences, also a Master’s if not a PhD as well. The universities in this list are the best in medical sciences in Canada, according to QS Subject Ranking, but the prestige of a university doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t prepare you for the work market. So, we also looked at how they score on employability in both QS Graduate Employability Ranking and in the Global University Employability Ranking.

Computer science students

Computer Science & IT

6. Product owner $118,650 per year

7. Full Stack Developer $87,915 per year

This domain is one of the most popular today and one that is fast changing and evolving. You won’t get bored working in IT and most likely your job will look very different after a few years because technology changes every year. No wonder jobs like Product Owner or Full Stack Developer top the charts as some of the highest-paid jobs in Canada.

>> Where to study Computer science & IT if you want to have one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada:

Architect in Canada


8. Architect $94,153 per year

If you love art but you also want to have one of the highest-paid jobs in Canada, architecture is the answer. This is a profession that offers great financial security being always in demand, irrespective of where you want to live. It’s also fulfilling because it serves a great purpose for human life and allows for a great deal of creativity.

>> Where to study Architecture if you want to have one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada: 



9. Mining industries $128,221 per year

Mining is not for everyone. It comes with high risks, and it takes great personal stamina to do the work, but the pay is significant as well. 

>> Where to study Mining if you want to have one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada: 

Young lawyer in Canada

10. Lawyer $97,744 per year

If you’re tempted to study law, you should know that not all lawyers do the same work, and there are quite a few differences in how a prosecutor’s life looks like compared to that of a divorce lawyer, for example. Choose based on your personal interests, but if you want to take salary into consideration, you should look into Intellectual Property Law and Corporate Law.

>> Where to study Law if you want to have one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada:

The work environment in Canada

Lending one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada is not just about choosing the right career path and degree but also about your soft skills.

The good news is that Canada has a warm work culture, welcoming for both local and international graduates. Just remember you need to gather experience, and the easiest way to do it is by meeting new people and networking 

Managers usually treat employees equally and provide constructive feedback. If you are not totally satisfied with an answer or you don’t understand something well enough, you should also communicate it and ask further questions.

Punctuality is also highly appreciated, so you are recommended to stick to the given schedule, together with a positive attitude towards your colleagues, your boss, and your tasks. 

You can also consider a part-time job in Canada and already get accustomed with the work environment from your student years.

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Do I need a work visa for Canada?

After you finish your degree course in Canada as an international student, you are allowed to work for a period that sums up the length of your programme, but not more than three years. You must apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Programme (PGWPP) within 90 days from when you receive the written confirmation that you’ve finished your academic degree course.

Read more about the student visa in Canada.

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