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9 Popular Disciplines to Study in 2023 and Lucrative Careers After Graduation

If you don't know what Master's degree to study and you feel blocked, without a clear idea about your future career path, you’re not alone. Many students face this problem, but you can always find a way to figure out a solution.

To help you in your search, we've found some of the most in-demand Master's degrees in 2023 and the careers they can lead you to after graduation.

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1. Engineering degrees – become a master of technology to build better products

Engineering is one of the most popular Master’s degrees these days and universities worldwide provide numerous specialisations in this area. Engineering degrees lead to interdisciplinary careers and the demand for professional engineers increases each year.

Engineers are the ones that make our world a little more efficient, smarter and quicker.

You can become a great engineer, depending on what degree you choose:

  • Mechanical Engineering degrees – rail system engineer, maintenance inspector, engine designer, patent clerk
  • Electrical Engineering degrees – power generation tester, electrical systems engineer, electrical safety inspector
  • Civil Engineering degrees – construction engineer, structural engineer, building control surveyor
  • Biomedical Engineering degrees – bio-mechanic engineer, bio-materials engineer
  • Chemical Engineering degrees – plant systems operator, production technician, food scientist

Here are a few engineering schools we recommend:

2. Computer Science degrees – learn to speak "machine" and improve the web

It’s no news to anyone that we are living in the digital era. Global companies from anywhere in this world have a high demand for computer geniuses, and, for this reason, most universities provide Master’s degrees in Computer Science in a wide array of specialisations. Some of the most popular specialisations and corresponding careers are:

  • Video Games & Multimedia degrees – game tester, web designer
  • Business Information Systems degrees – network engineer
  • IT Security degrees – software developer
  • Data Science degrees – database manager

Here are some computer science schools we recommend:

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3. Design degrees – make the transition from sketches to appealing images

If you’ve always thought of yourself as a creative person that also has a keen eye for details, a Master’s degree in Design might be the perfect fit for you. 

Designers focus on the appearance and physical aspects of a product without overlooking the functionality and usability and overcoming customer satisfaction. Designers are “the brain” behind every concept or idea of a logo, food package, website, and more. As a graduate, you can become:

  • Graphics designer
  • Copywrite visual artist
  • Advertising editor

Here are a few universities we recommend for Design studies:

4. Fashion degrees – be the expert on what’s hot and what’s not

Are you the kind of person who buys tons of fashion magazines and is deeply interested in fashion trends, clothing, and accessories?

Why not make a career out of this hobby and start with a Master’s degree in Luxury Goods and Fashion or Master’s degrees Fashion Design? These programmes can lead to rewarding careers like: 

  • Fashion designer
  • Fashion journalist 
  • Fashion critic 
  • Brand manager

Check out some universities we recommend for Fashion studies:

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5. Law degrees – uphold justice for all

Do you want to bring your contribution to making justice in the world and fight for peoples’ rights? Then maybe you should study Law. You can choose from several subdisciplines such as International Law or Criminal Law. Lucrative careers with a Law degree include: 

  • Mediator
  • Lawyer
  • Prosecutor
  • Judge

Here are a few law schools we recommend:

6. Business degrees – call the shots and run ventures

Always imagined and thought of yourself that you could successfully run a business? Start building your dream with a Master’s programme in Business and Management. You can choose between an MBA, a Master’s degree in Marketing, Risk Management, Supply Chain and Logistics, and more.

Some of the most popular study areas in business are:

  • Department manager
  • Auditor
  • Tax attorney
  • Financial inspector
  • Venture capitalist

Here are some business schools we recommend:

7. Social Sciences degrees – Piece together history, culture, politics, and economics

Social Sciences Master’s degrees are some of the most versatile in terms of knowledge and skills, as they provide future graduates great career options.

Top disciplines connected to Social Sciences are: Economics, International Relations, Political Science, and International Communication. 

Your career options are wide-ranging and includes: 

  • PR officer for companies, institutions or political figures
  • Economics analyst or freelance consultant for international business
  • Counsellor, analyst, political journalist, lobbyist, or NGO activist

Check out some universities we recommend for Social Science studies:

8. Hospitality degrees – helping guests is a piece of cake

If you’ve experienced working in tourism, or have been attracted to the idea of making a career in this field, you’ll be pleased to find out that you can start preparing with a Master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality. The overall tourism industry is one of the most prosperous worldwide, and specialists in the field will always be in high demand.

A Master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality will prepare you for jobs like: 

  • Restaurant or a hotel manager
  • Customer service expert
  • Tour and travel guide

Here are a few universities we recommend for Tourism and Hospitality studies:

9. Art and Art History degrees – Decipher the mystery behind magnificent art

If you were always passionate about anything that is related to arts like paintings, sculpture, visual arts, or even photography, you can learn more if you apply to a Master’s degree in Art.

If you study a Master’s degree in Art History, you can understand how social, cultural, and even political factors have contributed to the ideas and work of famous painters and artists, in general. Popular career options include: 

  • Art critic
  • Art broker
  • Art consultant
  • University professor

Check out some universities we recommend for Art History studies:

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Make the right decision for your university studies

These are just a few examples of disciplines you can select if you want to become a true professional and have a thriving, lucrative career, with many others left to explore.

There are tonnes of other useful Master's degrees, and new ones are introduced each year. Once you decide on your study plans, you have managed to overcome the greatest challenge; the rest are just small steps you need to go through.

So, think long and hard, and do an imagination exercise: figure out what type of career would fit you from top to bottom and you’d enjoy the daily duties of. Start searching, explore your options, and you’ll soon find out what you’re meant to do.

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