Motivation Letter Example: Student Applying for an International MBA -

Motivation Letter Example: Student Applying for an International MBA

No matter what degree subject you plan to pursue for your Master’s degree, a sound motivation letter wins you half the battle during the application process.

Even more so, when applying for an MBA (Master of Business Administration) abroad, you should make sure you make a persuasive argument why the university or business school’s admission committee should accept you to your desired degree and not someone else.

Here are a few universities that you may want to consider for studying a Master's in Political Science:

Read below the motivation letter of an international student applying to an International MBA in a Spanish business school in Barcelona.

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Motivation letter for an International MBA

Why this program and why at EAE Business School?

I want to do this program because I want to change my career path. My goal in life is to be useful to others, for me that is the ultimate success. I study to become useful, to develop skills that others need. Learning business management and administration will make me useful to many. Managing and administration are meta-skills, and people will always need them. Learning them gives me options. Options are opportunities, and I am an absolute opportunist. The best plan for me is the one that lets me change my plans. I consider an International MBA to be the best move I can do for my career, and I am extremely motivated to pursue one.

EAE Business School is the number one option for my Master’s Degree. What I value highest is the location, as I have wanted to go live in Spain for years. I am an advanced learner of Spanish. This is an opportunity to take my Spanish to C1- level. Living in Barcelona for a year would be a dream come true. I am impressed by the school’s international rankings and the praise of the former students. It ensures me that the school will propel my career in the right direction. The curriculum is exactly what I am looking for, as it will give me many different career options. The focus on entrepreneurship interests me, as I am a creative person who constantly tries to think outside of the box.

What do you think you can contribute to the class group and program?

I can contribute with effective and efficient work methods. School has always been easy for me. My trick is to recognize what is important, and focus on that. I approach everything I do systematically. I always look for ways to simplify, and I question everything I do. My ability to be both effective and efficient will be an asset.

I can contribute with eagerness to learn, active participation and intensive focus. I have an unlimited passion for learning. The desire to learn skills that are useful to others drives me and motivates me. I always participate actively in class, and will surely share my opinions. I can also focus intensively on one task for a long time period. My attention span is extremely long. That is an asset both to me and those I work with.

I can contribute with leadership abilities. I tend to take charge in social and professional situations. I consider myself a natural leader, based on my work as a football coach and as a group instructor.

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