Motivation Letter Example for an Entrepreneurship Degree -

Motivation Letter Example for an Entrepreneurship Degree

In many cases, universities will require you to write a motivation letter as part of your higher education degree application process. How and what you include will have a great part on the decision to be admitted or not, so it is important that you dedicate enough time writing a great motivation letter.

Here’s an article that shows you the steps of writing the perfect motivation letter and another with tips for crafting a statement of purpose!

In addition to knowing how a motivation letter should be written, a concrete example can really help you get over any hesitation you may have.

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Here is the successful motivation letter which was written by a student who got accepted at his dream university:

Motivation for attending the study programme at Management Center Innsbruck

Entrepreneurship & Tourism – Major in Marketing

Ever since I was little my dream was to work in hospitality, especially hotels. I wasn’t only interested in staying as a guest but I was fascinated by the hotel as a system and how it all works to provide the best possible service to guests. Therefore, I enrolled in a high school focused on tourism (hospitality and catering) that gave me plenty of general knowledge regarding tourism. Even though, at the beginning, I was mostly interested in hotels, after I finished high school, which was influenced also by work experiences in a tourist agency and my trips around Europe, that I became more interested in all aspects of tourism.

As soon as I left high school I was offered a summer job at the firm where I did my internship and was placed on the front desk as an additional receptionist in a campsite. Working as a receptionist in Croatia during the summer is quite challenging and I learned so much every day while I was working, improving myself daily. I’ve been working every summer since I was 15 in various jobs that are tourism related and all I can say is that I want to work even more.

Even though it can be a tiring job and in Croatia it provides mostly seasonal employment there is nothing else I would do with so much energy and passion. When my higher education is concerned I decided to enrol for a bachelor in economics because I wanted to gain a general knowledge of finance and economics which would help me in proceeding with my career in tourism.

Now, on my third year at the Faculty of Economics, I have decided that it is time for me to return to tourism studies so I’ve started researching where to take my masters. My research brought me to MCI and ever since I’ve seen your programme and especially since I’ve visited your Open House days there is nothing I want more than to study at MCI.

With my motivation and passion for the tourism sector and the work experience that I have, I would definitely be a good student at the MCI. When the other part of the master’s – Entrepreneurship – is concerned, I come from a family of entrepreneurs, my family owns a marketing agency whose clients are mostly from tourism sector so while growing up I gathered a lot of knowledge about marketing in tourism as well.

However, there is still a lot for me to learn and I think I can gain a lot of knowledge from your master’s programme. Therefore, I am hoping you will take my application into consideration for your programme and give me the opportunity to study at your university.

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