SEPnet is the South East Physics Network, a consortium of physics departments in nine universities. We work together to deliver excellence in physics, and we’re leading the way with a fresh approach to collaboration, teaching and research.



  • The courses offered by the SEPnet universities cover a breadth of physics disciplines for ambitious undergraduates.
  • SEPnet offers a range of fully-funded physics PhD awards based on a strategy to tackle Grand Challenges in Physics.


  • SEPnet research ranges from investigations into the most fundamental physics (from the smallest matter to the origins of the universe), to the physics of new materials, quantum computing, low temperature physics, nuclear medicine and space science
  • Our research collaboration integrates resources across the region for four main research themes: Atomic & Condensed Matter Physics, Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Radiation Detection & Instrumentation
  • LOFAR-UK, the first internationally significant new radio telescope in the UK for 40 years, would not have been possible without SEPnet funding and researchers


Employer Engagement

  • SEPnet offers a ‘one-stop shop’ to employers in high-tech areas offering sponsored research opportunities, consultancy and use of facilities
  • SEPnet funds 30 undergraduates each year to undertake eight week projects in industry – a taster of real-life physics problems that improve students’ employability and offer insight into their career options

Master's Programmes

Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)

Southampton, England, United Kingdom