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Constructor Institute

Constructor Institute, located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland offers computer science and software engineering expertise at MSc., Ph.D., and postdoctoral levels. Our professors have chairs in Quantum Software Engineering, Software Engineering, and Software Testing and Analysis Research. They are authors of multiple distinguished publications in their related fields.

Master's Programmes



The current programs - Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) and Master of Science (MSc) in Smart Software Engineering (SSE) at Constructor Institute provide a comprehensive education in computer science and software engineering topics, chat engines and Large language models (LLMs), as well as essential management and leadership skills, to meet the urgent need for qualified professionals and to address the fast changing world of technology. The research-oriented program offers a wide range of courses and projects in a very practical and modern manner.


We educate the next generation of digital leaders.


Our programs have a fundamental purpose - to invest in your future self! The renowned faculty experts will help you explore the world of the latest computer science technology and will foster the leader in you from a first-hand experience.

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Neuhausem, Schaffhausen, Switzerland


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