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Academy Of Leadership Sciences Switzerland

The Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland (ALSS) is an international education institution that offers continuing education, further education and post graduate advanced education focused on leadership. 

Master's Programmes



The ALSS has been established in 2014 in Switzerland, from the worldwide most successful professors and scientists of leadership domain. ALSS operates in Switzerland and throughout the world. We stand for excellence in leadership education, research, advising, consulting and coaching. 


At the ALSS students have the possibility to study 100% online or a mixed method online and face-to-face, meeting once till twice a year for a week in Zurich-Switzerland, Dubai-UAE or Las Vegas-USA. We offer our courses, workshops and programs in the following domains: Leadership and Business Administration (including specializations), Leadership in Higher Education, Leadership in Politics, Leadership in Healthcare, Leadership in Law and Leadership and Arts. Our leadership programs focus on competencies of efficient leadership that expose you to principles helpful in any career field. Ours students are prepared to lead their organization to greater effectiveness and success.


  • The ALSS in all its programs, courses and workshops applies the newest insights of the science of Leadership, Cognition, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, Neuroleadership, Psychology, Physiology, Sociology and other scientific domains that serve enhancing of leadership competences. 
  • All professors of the ALSS are very deeply involved in research, by publishing of their research outcomes in the most prestigious journals of leadership science. 
  • All students of the ALSS are supported by the faculty to publish their research outcomes of their master thesis or other term papers, which they write during their courses.


Effective leadership is essential to the success of any endeavor in both the public and private sectors. Businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, charitable organizations etc., need valuable leaders who can identify, promote, and accomplish organizational goals and objectives. In this our students will have the opportunity to gain the most recent knowledge from the organizational leadership science, incorporated in this program, and become more aware of their own strengths, attitudes, and behaviors, and the effects they have on others as leaders. Graduates of our programs are prepared to become outstanding leaders and to lead their organization to greater effectiveness and success.

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Student services

Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland

  • World Trade Center
  • Leutschenbachstrasse 95
  • CH-8050 Zürich
  • Switzerland

Housing services

All our programs can be taken 100% online, therefore if students want to come once till twice a year for a week in Zurich-Switzerland, Dubai-UAE or Las Vegas-USA, there are plenty of hotels an nearby to all places we offer our face-to-face courses and workshops. 

Library services

Online Libraries in collaboration with all state Swiss Universities libraries and other international Universities libraries are available. For registration to these libraries additional fee from libraries directly is requested.

ICT services

  • For e-learning platform the ALSS supports all students. 
  • Students find in the e-learning platform all courses, all assignments for each course and all readings requested for each course. 

Medical services

No, there are near ALSS plenty of medical doctors to be found and in Zurich there are many state and private hospitals, including the University Hospital of Zurich, one of the most known hospitals worldwide. 

Student Life

Campus life

  • The Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland (ALSS) based in the building of the World Trade Center in Zurich, Switzerland, which is only 4.5 km away from the International Zurich Airport. 
  • All modern facilities to teach and learn are available. There is a restaurant in the same building and a great park outside. 
  • The ALSS is located in Zurich, a great city, which offers a lot of the opportunities during the free time. 

Sports facilities

There are a lot of sport possibilities located near the ALSS. 

Student clubs

Thera are a lot of music clubs located near the ALSS.


The ALSS is accredited from the Swiss Resuscitation Councis, Switzerland.

The ALSS offers dual degrees together with the CASS EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, accredited by ACBSP and ASIC.

Student Reviews

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I Have BA Degree In Economics And I Want To Study Masters Degree In International Economics.

Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

Yes i want improve my self and muturness as a businessman

Seek for learning everywhere.
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

I got Bachelor degree in pharmacy from ASU.I got Excellent by %85. I want to make postgraduate studies in pharmacology in Germany or Austria . While I was studing , I was working in Researches with my Group. We got Training in Research Department in EIPICO and AMOUN. Now, I work as Analyst of Blood transport development centre . In Serology department. Plus in medical...

Zürich (Kreis 11) / Seebach, Switzerland