Institute for Social and European Studies Foundation (ISES)

ISES integrates theoretical and practical studies, responds rapidly to changing social and economic conditions, and contributes at a high level to international political, social, economic and cultural life. Innovative topics, teaching methods and state of the art research provide students with the tools they need to navigate an increasingly complex, uncertain and interdependent world.



Multidisciplinary courses include economics, law, European history, culture, philosophy, and current issues related to civil society, nationalism and globalisation, regional cooperation, and cultural heritage management and sustainability.


ISES is a postgraduate educational and research center. The main research activities cluster around the following subjects:

  • Democratic Governance in the Context of Global Crisis
  • Creative Cities, Sustainable Regions
  • From Crisis To a New Age of Uncertainty. 

Master's Programmes

Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Business & Management (1)
Social Sciences (1)