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Football Business Academy

The Football Business Academy is an educational institution dedicated to the football industry. It offers an innovative and comprehensive Professional Master in Football Business developed in a collaborative way with football industry experts around one foremost objective: to provide students with an optimal learning environment in order to succeed in this passionate and dynamic industry.

Master's Programmes

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The FBA are well aware of how fast the football industry keeps growing and changing. Yet, contrary to how other professional industries such as law, medicine, or accounting are set up, football has been lacking a learning structure, which allows its professionals to continuously re-educate themselves and truly understand how new trends or laws can influence their business success. 

Therefore, their commitment to their alumni is to give them lifetime access to course material and FBA events so they can stay ahead of the game and exchange ideas and opinions with younger generations, thereby creating a unique, continuous learning environment which benefits everyone involved.


The FBA selects the best candidates who are also passionate about football. Their main objective is to prepare them for a successful entry into the football industry.

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Student Life

Campus life

Based in Geneva (Switzerland), The FBA lies at the heart of a region considered to be the world capital of sport and centre of excellence for education. Its proximity to some 50 international federations – including UEFA, FIFA and the IOC – as well as the “Big 5” European football countries creates an ideal environment for learning, developing skills and networking.

During Module 4, which takes place in Geneva, students will be able to call the Stade de Genève their second home, as lectures, conferences, and Student Business Projects will take place in its privileged facilities. Some of the classes will also be given at the University of Geneva.