University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest

The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest is one of the oldest veterinary schools in the world and the most international veterinary campus in Europe. Combining its 230 years old tradition with the most innovative educational and technological tools ensures that graduates of the university are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge.

Master's Programmes

Medicine & Health (1)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)



In 1787, shortly after the foundation of the world's first veterinary school (1762, Lyons) a "Chair for Animal Healing" was established at the Faculty of Medicine in the town of Pest (now an area of the city of Budapest) to provide students of medicine and surgery with basic knowledge of animal diseases and their management, an integral part of a general practitioner's activity at that time. 


Veterinaty Medicine Programme (One-Tier Master) 

  • Practice-oriented training: Theoretical foundation of studies, followed by a practical training on how to treat and cure animals
  • Quality education, 5.5 years:
  • Preclinical period: 4 semesters, main subjects (like Anatomy, Histology, Biochemistry etc) and farm practicum in animal husbandry
  • Clinical-paraclinical period: 7 semesters, includes the paraclinical subjects (like Animal Breeding and Husbandry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Food Hygiene, State Veterinary Medicine and Economics, Forensic Veterinary Medicine etc), and weekly clinical hours in Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Surgery, Obstetrics and Animal Reproduction


Scientific research and teaching are equally decisive and important areas of activity at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest. Our top priorities include ensuring open access to scientific publications and supporting open access publications financially. We wish to maintain our marketability by continuing our productive and internationally recognized research activity, and by increasing the number and international recognition of research areas, especially through encouraging our lecturers and professors to regularly attend conferences and continuing professional training courses and through promoting the publication of research findings in scientific journals with impact factors.


Fields of Career Opportunities

  • Small and Large Animal Clinics
  • State Office of Veterinary Hygiene
  • Public Health
  • Farms
  • Zoo
  • Exotic animals

Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2021

GSSA 2021

The Global Student Satisfaction Awards empower students across the globe to determine the best universities of 2021. Universities with a score above 4.0 (out of 5) in any of the 8 award categories, receive Badges of Excellence. Congratulations!

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Library services

The Veterinary Science Library is the only veterinary library open to the public in Hungary. The library is as old as the training of veterinarians itself. Our honored professors have gathered and organized Hungarian and foreign publications in the field of veterinary science from the beginnings. Among those who contributed to the developing of the collection.

Medical services

On-campus Student Support & Counseling Services

As an independent student service provider Human-Service is committed to offer on-campus student support for all students. In addition to providing confidential individual (1:1) and group counseling, students can access useful resources in many areas of life, as we know how difficult life could become at times living in a foreign country.

Student Life

Campus life

Centrally located campus, green park, calm and safe environment in the heart of Budapest.

Sports facilities

On-campus gym.

Student clubs

EQUUS club for students


  • EAEVE (the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education)
  • AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) is in progress

Budapest VII. kerület, Budapest, Hungary


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