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The official amalgamation of all colleges and faculties was fully realized in 1995. A "basic law" of the university was endorsed, followed by the honing of integrated bylaws, which were put into effect, thus clearing the way for the birth of Al-Quds University as a single institution. New centers and colleges were opened or amalgamated, and a full range of academic programs were implemented.


The mission of Al Quds University is to equip students with the necessary tools to overcome overwhelming challenges and to shape a successful future. This is made possible through the promotion of academic research and professional excellence.


Al-Quds University also aims at the development of a multi-cultural mindset to go with the current reality of the political and socio-economical situation in Jerusalem, since Jerusalem's unique constitution as a mosaic cross-road of different nations, cultures and religions, giving special emphasis on introducing students especially, but the University community as a whole, to the multi-cultured heritage of human civilization. This is achieved in a number of ways, whether through special courses in human civilizations or human rights, international cooperation, joint educational projects involving faculty and students, lectures and events, foreign scholarships and exchanges.

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Student services

Al Quds University has four sites, one in Ramallah (Al Bireh), three in Jerusalem, and one main campus in Abu Dis at the outskirts of Jerusalem. The Jerusalem sites are located in Beit Hanina, Sheikh Jarrah and one within the Old City of Jerusalem.

Library services

Al-Quds Library is an educational, cultural, and social edifice administered by Dr.Rashid Jayousi. The library contains many information resources: printed, audio-visual and electronic resources in addition to the manuscripts, films, discs and posters estimated of nearly 100000 cataloged books and computerized on the library software.

ICT services

The Said Khoury Information Technology Center of Excellence operates at local and national levels to provide high quality and effective training for students. It provides the organizational and technical infrastructures for university professors to work on IT projects. The IT Business Incubation Service will enable people with good ideas in IT to find a place to work and develop their ideas.

Student Reviews

Completing Father’s Path
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

As time passes, and by gaining more study experience, my efforts are fruitful.

Training and development program clearly identifies and teaches graduate about the different risk involved in their job, the different problems that can arise and how to prevent such problems. This helps to improve the health and safety measures in the co
Anonymous rated 2 out of 5 stars

I learned communication skills with patients linked to their illnesses with food, malnutrition and weight. She also learned what diseases caused her. She studied food science in microbiology and learned the relationship of microbiology to food.

Being and not being
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

Studying at Alquds University was such as going through an unstable storm that you wish for its end the sooner it's possible, this is what it is like studying at the borders with the occupation. It was like being and not being; having a student life and not having; it was a must-go trip, instead of a great study experience.

Abu Dis, Palestinian Territory, Occupied