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Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw

The UKSW is a public university, and as such is a vital link of the public system of science and higher education in Poland. We see our Homeland as the superior common good of all citizens and we want to bring in our contribution to it according to our capabilities. The UKSW is an active participant of the assessment process of its scientific and teaching activity.



On 1st October 1999 the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw began its existence as a state-owned university, currently consisting of four ecclesiastical faculties: 1. Theology; 2. Canon Law; 3. Christian Philosophy; 4. Family Studies.


The UKSW runs postgraduate courses for candidates who have completed at least a first-cycle programme and hold a degree equal to Bachelor of Arts (licencjat),  Master of Science (inżynier),  Master of Arts (magister).

First-Cycle Studies are designed for candidates holding a certificate of secondary education completion. Graduates are awarded with the professional title of licencjat (equivalent to Bachelor of Arts) or inżynier (equivalent to Bachelor of Engineering).

Long-cycle studies are designed for candidates holding a certificate of secondary education completion. Graduates obtain the professional title of magister, magister inżynier ( equivalent to Master of Science) or their equivalent.


The UKSW as a centre of research and education has the following objectives:

  • Educating students in such a way that as graduates they will be ready to take on professional and public responsibilities, maintain a high moral integrity, respect and preserve their own identity and at the same time remain open minded and conscious of the changes around them and become members of the national and local elite;
  • Developing and enhancing scientific research which takes into account a personalistic and humanistic perspective of the world and promotes the observance of ethical and moral principles  together with the selfless search for truth.

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Medical services

All foreign students residing on the territory of Poland must hold a valid health insurance for the whole of their stay. List of academic clinics available to UKSW students:

  • at Grójecka 132
  • at Chmielna 14
  • at Józefa Ciszewskiego 15 (Centrum KEN)

Student Reviews

Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

Really good place to study, teachers are always ready to help and talk with you.

Warsaw uksw campus
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

My erasmus time at the university uksw of warsaw is of an excellent quality. I had the possibility to study and attend courses I don't have in my Italian faculty and to explore the polish reality with an almost local point of view. It was my second erasmus (the other one during the bachelor) so I decided to made it shorter but I had the feeling for a moment I would liked...

come away with me :)
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

it was interesting way to get know many people, culture and philosophy.