School of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto

Our goal is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development, by creating and transmitting applied knowledge. As future engineers, we believe our students can produce creative solutions for present or upcoming challenges, becoming agents of global progress.



ISEP is a trademark of engineering higher education. Since 1852, we have been pioneering the training and specialisation of engineers with a strong creative and entrepeneurial mind-set.


Engineering and Technologies. 


ISEP invests in research and development to support a more intelligent, inclusive and sustainable growth, in line with Horizon 2020. We belive in an economy of knowledge and creativity and that is why we have ten research groups: Biomark (Biomark Sensor Research); CIDEM (Centre for Research & Development in Mechanical Engineering); CIETI (Center for Innovation in Engineering and Industrial Technology); CISTER (Research Centre in Real-Time & Embedded Computing Systems); GECAD (Research Group on Intelligent Engineering & Computing for Advanced Innovation and Development); GICEC (Civil Engineering Research & Consultancy Group); GILT (Games, Interaction & Learning Technologies); GRAQ-REQUIMTE; INESC TEC; LEMA-CUP.


Student services

The students can contact the Academic Office by email -; and there is an International Office:

Library services

The ISEP library is a specialized academic library, which allows all users to view existing documents.

Student Life

Campus life

Our 50.000 m2 campus is located in Porto's main university area and just 10 minutes away from the city centre by subway. With modern infraestructures, you can always find a comfortable place to study or for group work. Furthermore, many academic procedures are run online, in order to provide the best service possible. Open 24/7, we realize ISEP is the place where students and staff spend part of their days. The attention to their well-being is a priority. 

Sports facilities

ISEP is equipped with one gymnasium, also the students can pratice some team or individual Sports.

Student clubs

There is an association of students called aeISEP, please check out more at:


ISEP has 12 degrees labeled with the EUR-ACE quality seal, which is awarded in Portugal by the Engineers Professional Association.