Bialystok University of Technology

Bialystok University of Technology cooperates with about 100 academic centres from 30 countries within the framework of bilateral scientific agreements. Our university staff have been taking part in both national and international scientific research and didactic programmes. 

Master's Programmes



Originally established in 1949 as a Private Evening Engineering College with the departments of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and nationalised in 1951, Bialystok University of Technology (BUT) finally acquired its university status in 1974.


The education process involves three cycles or degrees in full-time and part-time modes according to the Bologna Declaration directive. To meet the expectations of both our students and modern market economy BUT offers 27 first and 19 second degree courses. Additionally, the graduates as well as other people wishing to continue their education will find a rich variety of postgraduate courses.


The research that our students, staff and faculty perform touches on our five Grand Challenges: feeding the world, protecting the environment, improving our health, enriching our youth, and growing our economy. Their innovations improve people’s lives in Texas, across our nation, and all over the world.


The Careers Office was established at Bialystok Technical University in 1998. Its main activity is focused on helping students and graduates to make their career choices so as to suit their qualifications and aspirations. The Office also acts as a job agency. It organizes regular meeting and presentations aimed at bringing together young job seekers with their prospective employers. It runs career counseling and training courses on how to prepare job application documents; develop interview skills, effective ways of job seeking and career planning.


Housing services

Student Residence Halls provide reasonably priced and good standard accommodation with Internet access for over 2 000 students. Bialystok University of Technology also has its own recreation centre „Dwór Mejera” picturesquely located near the Lithuanian border.

Library services

BUT Library is one of the largest science and technology libraries in the north-eastern region of Poland.

The items collected in the library network may be used by those interested in technical literature on conditions specified in the library rules and regulations. The library reading rooms with their on-the-spot collections have a total of 327 seats.

ICT services

WAN Computer Centre (CKSR) is the unit that coordinates the development of Bialystok Area Network BIAMAN and is the network operator.BIAMAN renders the following telecommunications services throughout Poland:

  • operating its own fibre-optic data communication network,
  • providing access to the Internet,
  • data transmission, including international data transmission,
  • leasing of telecommunications lines.

Student Life

Campus life

The campus is beautifully situated near the city park and within easy reach of the city centre.

Sports facilities

There are sporting facilities such as a modern sports hall, gyms, tennis courts as well as student clubs. Professionally equipped and being able to house over 600 people, BUT’s Auditorium Maximum is a perfect conference centre.

The main venue for sporting events and classes is the sports hall of the Academic Sports Centre housing the following units:

  • gym 
  • martial arts dojo
  • table tennis room
  • aerobic and fitness suite
  • two volleyball courts
  • two basketball courts
  • indoor halls for football (futsal), badminton and tennis