Nagaoka University of Technology

The remarkable strides made in Japanese science and technology over the last few decades have been accompanied by no less outstanding achievements by Japanese industry. The time has already arrived in which there is the need for a new approach to science and technology, one that can facilitate the formation of a positive, balanced, and supportive relationship between man’s environment and the progress and needs of industry.

Master's Programmes



1976 - Nagaoka University of Technology officially opened.

  • Mechanical Systems Engineering
  • Mechanical Design and Production Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Materials Science and Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Language Center established
  • Matriculation ceremony of the first undergraduate class held


Based on the fundamental education and research principles described above, NUT has established the following educational objectives:

  • To develop engineers who can understand the various matters surrounding science and technology (such as the natural environment and humanity’s cultural and economic activities), and to appreciate the application of science and technology from a wide perspective as a means to serve social welfare and sustained prosperity.


  • Taiko Bank
  • Hokuetsu Bank
  • Japan Finance Corporation, Niigata Branch
  • Sanjo Shinkin Bank
  • Shoko Chukin Banki, Nagaoka Branch
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
  • Mikuni Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd.
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
  • Transport and Tourism Hokuriku Regional Development Bureau


Job Opportunities

  • Cultivation Center for Young Researchers through University Industry Joint Research

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Student services

International students, all of whom have come from different countries and cultures, might have various anxieties about life and study in Japan. To alleviate those concerns even a little, Nagaoka University of Technology strives continually to improve its support programs. It actively uses the following systems and opportunities for consultation.

  • Center for International Exchange and Education
  • Student Consultation System
  • Institutional Guarantee System

Housing services

We have student dormitories(for men : 360), an international student house(for women : 50) International House(Single:46,Couple:8,family:5) and 30th anniversary student house(Single:19, Couple:5). These housing options are on the campus, surrounded by rich greenery, providing a positive environment for studying. Each unit comes equipped with a table, a chair and a bed. An off-campus dormitory, International Lodge, is available for international students (couple: 12, family: 2). It is conveniently located near downtown Nagaoka, about 3 kilometers to the south from Nagaoka Station

Library services

You may borrow books in University Library or make reservations on the presently borrowed books, by using Student ID Card. 

ICT services

The Information Processing Center provides common high performance computers and Local Area Network environment for faculty members, as well as worldwide network. 

Medical services

For our students to maintain health, this Center provides various sport facilities and suggestions relating to sport activities and health care. First aid for accidents, health check-ups, health consultations and so are also available at the Center. Students must take our periodic Health Check-up (height, weight and abdominal measurement, eye test, chest X-ray, etc.) held every May at the Center. 

Student Life

Campus life

The university facilities include 2 cafeterias(total capacity : 400 seats), a café(52 seats), an all-purpose store, a barbershop and a dry-cleaning shop. Electronic Money, Edy and QUICPay, can also be used at 2 cafeterias, café POPEYE and all-purpose store (shop BAITEN).

Sports facilities

  • A training room fully equipped with free weights, machines, ergometers, and other devices. A multipurpose space for aerobics and other activities is also arranged.
  • A warm indoor swimming pool with six 25-m-long courses.
  • A multipurpose martial arts facility used by Budokan judo, kendo, aikido, and karate clubs, and others
  • An athletic facility with a 400-m-long six-course track. The field is also used as a football pitch.
  • A baseball only field with right and left field fences extending to 90 m.
  • Used as a rugby field and an American football field.
  • Six courts with artificial turf used for both regulation tennis and soft tennis.
  • A multipurpose athletic space used for softball and other sports.

Student clubs

NUT International Students Association (NUTISA) aims to build mutual friendship among the int’l students as well as the Japanese students of NUT, through annual activities like Nagaoka International Festival and dance parties. There are also a wide range of sports, cultural clubs and associations that are open to all students. If a group of students is planning a meeting or informal gathering, please first appoint a responsible person to ask for an approval from Student Affairs.  

Student Reviews

They do their best in every aspects
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

The teachers try their best to give their knowledge to the students by using new methods. The presentations are very attractive and they make the students curiosity about the subject matters.

How can I do this
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

I'm very interested in studying in Japan but I don't know how to go. I've applied to so many places and I haven't received a positive response yet. I think.

Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

I liked the tutorial sessions where students are exposed to engineering problems solving methods. more real world application should be improved.


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