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The first statement asserts constant adherence to its founding principles. The second, the educating of individuals able to tackle the problems of the future and the third, the vision of an open University where the results of highly diversified education and research contribute to the maintaining of a sustainable society.

Master's Programmes

Computer Science & IT (1)
Engineering & Technology (1)



The history of Hosei University begins in 1880 (year 13 of the Meiji era) when the non-governmental lawyers Kanamaru Magane, Ito Osamu, and Satta Masakuni established the Tokyo Hogakusha at 19 Kita Koga Machi, Surugadai, Tokyo. In 1880, a penal code and criminal procedure law which were forerunners of modern Japanese.


    • Faculty of Law

    • Faculty of Letters

    • Faculty of Business Administration

    • Faculty of Intercultural Communication

    • Faculty of Humanity and Environment

    • Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies

    • Faculty of Engineering and Design

    • Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies(GIS)

    • Faculty of Economics

    • Faculty of Social Sciences

    • Faculty of Social Policy and Administration

    • Faculty of Sports and Health Studies

    • Faculty of Science and Engineering

    • Faculty of Bioscience and Applied Chemistry

    • Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences

    • School of Correspondence Education


    • Ohara Institute for Social Research

    • Research Center of Ion Beam Technology

    • The Research Center for Computing and Multimedia Studies

    • Institute of Okinawan Studies

    • Sports Research Center

    • Boissonade Institute of Modern Law and Politics

    • The Nogami Memorial Noh Theater Research Institute

    • Japan Statistics Research Institute

    • Institute of Comparative Economic Studies

    • The Research Institute for Innovation Management

    • Center for Regional Research

    • Research Center for International Japanese Studies

    • Research Center for Micro-Nano Technology

    • Laboratory of Regional Design with Ecology

    • Institute for Sustainability Research

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Student services

Hosei University also possesses the following off campus facilities which can be used for student seminar activities and extracurricular activities.

  • Fuji Seminar House -Nestled in the primeval forest of Aoki ga Hara at the base of Mt. Fuji on a 1,100 meter height volcanic plateau, Fuji Seminar House has a total floor space of 2,200m2, 5 large and small sized seminar rooms, and 29 western and Japanese style room accommodations, including barrier free rooms.

  • Hakuba Lodge -A 3 story steel reinforced welfare facility located in Hakuba village in Nagano prefecture. The front exterior was designed in a motif based on the Hosei University emblem,the lodge can house up to 42 people at once.

Housing services

The university offers an international student advisor program to provide international students with advice and assistance for their studies and daily life. Professors from each undergraduate faculty serve as international student advisors whom international students should feel free to consult with.

Library services

The establishment of Hosei University Library dates back to the late nineteenth century and the time of Hosei University’s precursor, the Tokyo School of Japanese-French Law. Since that time the library has expanded and developed in step with the university and its collection now exceeds 1,700,000 volumes.

ICT services

There are approximately 1,200 computers installed in the practical rooms and cafeterias of the 3 campuses. The science departments loan notebook computers to all students which play a major role in students' study, research and information gathering.

Medical services

Each campus has its own health clinic which carries out periodic health exams once per year. The clinics also regularly carry out health consultations and guidance, as well as illness prevention, early detection and treatment activities.

Student Life

Campus life

Hosei University has 3 campuses at Ichigaya, Tama and Koganei all of which are located within Tokyo. Whether as a place for study, a place for annual university/club/circle activities, a place for interacting with friends or a place for building your future career, having your base of activities for 4 years be located in Tokyo is advantageous in a number of ways.

  • Ichigaya Campus The campus is located within easy reach of Narita and Haneda Airports

  • Tama Campus - Between Hachioji and Machida, Hosei Universityfs newest campus boasts its most modern educational and athletic facilities.

  • Koganei Campus - The campus is situated between Tama and Ichigaya, and could be considered as the center of the Musashino area.

Sports facilities

There are more than 200 clubs recognized by the University, and among them, the baseball club, rugby club, and American football club are very competitive.

Student clubs

There are more than 200 clubs recognized by the University, and among them, the baseball club, rugby club, and American football club are very competitive. Also many of our cultural clubs have a long history and tradition. Besides these recognized clubs, many other academic cultural, and sports clubs and organizations are involved in activities across faculties and campuses.

Student Reviews

Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

It was like all adventurous. Got some stpes to move on. Learn many experiences about life .

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My experience is very well

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