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Inje University aims to establish a clear value system and yardstick for judgment, based on a sense of community, and help students acquire multi-purpose, hands-on, professional knowledge on the basis of creative thinking. By helping them develop a practical attitude of doing their best with a healthy work ethic, they will be able to promote self-actualization in their independent personal lives, serve the community and national development, and to ultimately contribute to the realization of a welfare society.

Master's Programmes



Inje University is a private university founded in 1932, located in Gimhae, Korea.


Educational Goals

  • Moral human beingsHolding attitudes that respect equality and dignity of human beingsJudging and practicing in accordance with morality of the community and the desirable value system in a situation where a decision is required
  • Cooperative human beingsHolding attitudes that respect personality and opinions of other peoplePlanning and practicing voluntary service activities for the advancement of the community
  • Practical human beingsAcquiring the capacity to efficiently utilize knowledge and information to achieve tasks Acquiring foreign language communication skills to the level that enables exchange and cooperation with the world


Inje University takes pride in outstanding research achievements by receiving 35.9 billion won in 2007, 38.3 billion won in 2008, 32 billion won in 2009, 42 billion won in 2010, and 43.9 billion won in 2011 through research in science and engineering, clinical research projects carried out by the Medical Center and Paik Hospitals and the Educational Capacity Reinforcement Project.

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GSSA 2019

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University Ranking

Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University
901 -100
ARWU World University rankings is the first world university ranking. It ranks the world's top 1000 colleges and universities based on objective indicator.
Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report
1372 -135
1237 -69
Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report presents all the top universities from the U.S. and 60 other countries around the world.


Housing services

Inje University accommodates 2,428 students in its seven residence halls, including Indeokjae, Inje English Town (where English is used for communication), Injeonggwan, Inhyeonjae, Jeongsanjae, and the College of Medicine Dormitory (in Busan Campus). For international students we also run Global Town which is located in Indeokjae. Thus foreign students can reside both in Inje English Town and Inje Global Town.

Library services

Inje University's Paik Inje Memorial Library houses approximately more than 780 thousand books, 30 thousand kinds of multimedia materials, and 50 thousand kinds of electronic books and e-journals, and is equipped with a system for user services, including the Multimedia Room, DRI (Digital Real Image) Seminar Room, Subject Material Room.

Student Life

Campus life

Inje University is rooted in Paik Hospital, the first civil non-profit organization of its kind in Korea. The founding spirit of Inje University is Insuljese·Indukjese, which signifies 'With the healing art, save the world' and 'With the compassion and virtue, save the world. ' Based upon this founding spirit, we practice protection of nature, respect for life, and love of human being, and we are moving fast ahead faithfully keeping the basic precepts of honesty, sincerity, and diligence which are the most basic virtues of human society.

Sports facilities

The Athletics Division includes Sunrising (soccer), Yeonmuhwoi (hapkido), Aruhwi (traditional taekkyon), ACE (tennis), Haedonggeomdo (martial arts), Hwaranggeomuhwoi (Japanese fencing), Saejae (basketball), Hindol (table tennis), Kachenda (mountain climbing), Sky Dream (paragliding), I.J.B.C. (bowling), T'erua (wine & cocktail), and Shamu (scuba-diving).

Student clubs

The Student Union (Neulbitgwan) houses various kinds of active campus central clubs for youthful romance and a pleasant university life, which are available in six divisions: athletics, refinement and service, academic, performance and arts, exhibition and arts, and religion. All academic clubs are supported for their research activities at the beginning of every school year, and ten clubs are in operation for their purpose to help start a business.


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