International Institute of Naturopathy

The International Institute of Naturopathy (InN) is an innovative institute which can look back on years of experience in training integrative health and nutrition consultants. The InN-team is passionately working each and every day to offer their members a very special and valuable distance learning program. The InN-program follows the holistic approach and combines naturopathic views with recent scientific research. Additionally, being part of the InN-community gives you the opportunity to balance your absorbing and interactive activities during your learning process. In summary, InN offers an extremely varied, interesting, and practice-oriented distance learning course.

Master's Programmes



The International Institute of Naturopathy is a part of the Swiss Education Center AG, which was founded as a follow up project of the successful German-speaking “Akademie der Naturheilkunde”.


The course’s content of integrative health and nutrition theory has been compiled by experienced nutrition consultants and biologists and has been carefully edited by professional authors and graphic designers. During the design of the learning materials, didactic approaches from adult education were taken into account to support the learning process of all participants around the world.


This distance learning program combines naturopathic views with recent scientific research.


Practical Work as a Holistic Nutrition CoachAn integrative health and nutrition coach is an expert who helps people to improve their well-being by achieving their personal goals (e. g. weight loss, energy and agility boosting, physical and mental strength). An integrative nutrition consultant supports and guides their clients to make their lifestyle and diet healthier, finds out which foods and activities make their daily life easier and helps them to feel better overall. Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultants trained by InN act as independent mentors following a holistic approach.

Student Life

Campus life

e-CampusThe e-Campus is an online learning platform we have created to support all members of our international community during their studies. This forum gives you the opportunity to ask comprehension questions and to get in contact with your fellow students. All posted questions and answers will remain in the forum, so everyone can see and benefit from them.