Minnan Normal University

Minnan Normal University is one of the leading universities in the Fujian Province. The University is located in Zhangzhou, in the South-East of Fujan province. The city is famous for its history and culture and it is also known as “the land of food and flowers”. Minnan Normal University has its origins in the College Teacher-training Course held by The Longxi Teacher School in 1958. After several years of development, it was renamed Fujian No.2 Normal College, which by that time formed a south to north situation with Fujian Normal College (now called Fujian Normal University). In April 2013, Zhangzhou Normal University changed its name to Minnan Normal University.

Master's Programmes


The university focuses on the education of undergraduates as its mainbody and actively further promotes postgraduate’s education. The university currently consists of 18 departments and schools. Students are enrolled in one of the 62 undergraduate programs, the 4 first class discipline master degree programs , the 30 second class discipline master degree programs, the 19 professional master degree programs of education or the 4 doctoral degree programs. The undergraduate and postgraduate matriculation is open to both Chinese and foreign students. The totality of students enrolled at present is 21,000 including full-time undergraduate students and graduate students. Students study in ten major disciplines such as literature, history, economy, law, education, science, engineering, management, agriculture and art.

The university firmly enforces the talents strategy and keeps to the principle of “training, introducing and hiring” to strengthen the construction of teaching staff, and gradually organizes a team of highly educated, well-organized and vigorous teaching staff. It now has a high level teaching faculty of 1,136 including those holding concurrent posts, including 164 professors and 318 associate professors;and 309 doctor degree holders. Among the teachers, 10 of them were granted the Special Government Allowance of State Council, 2 Distinguished Professors of Minjiang Scholar, 5 Chair Professors of Minjiang Scholar.

Now the university has 1 national characteristic specialty, 2 national comprehensive specialty reform pilot projects, 8 comprehensive reform pilot projects at the provincial level, 5 provincial characteristic specialties, 5 provincial level teaching teams, 7 talent and innovation experimental cites for training mode reform at the provincial level, 23 provincial excellent courses and 9 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers.

Adhering to the school motto of “Extensive learning, reasonable understanding, motivational encouragement, persevering work”, the university is paying great attention to the new technology and the development of practical application, insisting that scientific studies should provide service for the local economic instruction, collaborative innovation as oriented, the innovative platform at the provincial and university’s level as key point. By using the superiority of technologies, talents and resources, rooted in Minnan, based in Fujian, the university is implementing the cooperation with enterprise and local government and police offices and other universities, and launching the cooperation with local enterprises in the whole technology chain in the fields of development, transfer, consulting, service, promoting the system relevant to production, study, scientific research, practice, supplying a multitude of specialized talents to the society who have being making great contributions to the territorial economy culture and society’s development. Since its foundation year, nearly 70,000 graduates have been cultivated, they play their parts in their jobs, they are brave to fight and make contributions. Most of them have become the backbones of forefront of basic education and teaching, some have become experts and scholars, party and government leaders and important figures in the business industry. They are highly praised by society.

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Zhangzhou, Fujian, China


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