SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities

We believe in people who value self-development and want to make their dreams come true. They give us motivation for continuous improvement so that we could offer education and research on the highest level.  

Master's Programmes

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Years ago, three scholars working for the Polish Academy of Science (PAN) shared one bold idea - to create the best university in the country. This is how the University of Social Sciences and Humanities was created in 1996.


We offer full-time and extramural undergraduate and graduate programs in Psychology, Modern Languages, Cultural Studies, Journalism and Social Communication, Sociology, Law, Internal Security, International Relations, Management and Design. SWPS is the only private university in Poland that has been granted the right to award post-doctoral degrees in Psychology and Cultural Studies and PhD degrees in Psychology, Sociology, Cultural Studies and Law.


The SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities has signed a declaration of support for the assumptions made in the European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. Our University is competing for a prestigious HR Excellence in Research award presented to institutions which provide their researchers with the best working conditions.


As entering a career path is frequently a great challenge accompanied by the feeling of stress and uncertainty, the Career Center provides services that aim at supporting students and graduates in reaching their professional goals.

We work with employers and recruiters from personal counselling agencies in order to assist you in finding an internship, training or a job that corresponds to your education and aspirations.


Housing services

One of the first steps international students who decide to take up studies at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities have to take is to find accommodation. Although this may seem to be stressful at first, it is a challenge that can be dealt with without major problems. In general, students can choose between dormitories and separate apartments, each solution having its advantages and disadvantages.

Library services

At the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, there is a well-equipped library whose collections are expanded on a regular basis. On a space covering 1000 square meters, over 88 thousand volumes are stored. The rich offer of the library includes books on Psychology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Politology, Language Studies and many other disciplines.

Student Life

Campus life

The main campus of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities is located in Warsaw, while the remaining four campuses are in Pozna´n, Wroclaw, Sopot and Katowice. The university does its best to ensure comfortable studying conditions by offering well-equipped and modern spaces.

The campus of SWPS is situated relatively close to the center of Warsaw, in a rapidly developing part of the Old Praga. We are proud to be at least partially responsible for bringing new air to this area that remains home to a growing number of theaters, clubs, galleries and pubs.

Student clubs

Student Councils are statutory organizations, which represent student interests at the Faculty Council meetings and University Senate sessions. The councils also serve as links between students and various administrative offices of the University. Additionally, they support student initiatives and help to organize educational, entertainment, and charitable events.