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Henan Normal University is one of the key universities directly under the provincial government, developed from the Zhongzhou University (founded in 1923) and Pingyuan Teachers college (founded in 1951). It is situated in Xinxiang, a famous city in north Henan, which is at the junction of the Beijing- Guangzhou, Taiyuan-Heze railways, nestling near Taihang Mountain to the north and the Yellow River to the south, where the famous Muye battle once took place.

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Henan Normal University highly values its talented teachers, devotes much of its focus to quality teaching, and facilitates the full engagement of the teachers’ talents. Since its establishment, many noted scholars and professors both at home and abroad have taught here, such as Zhao Jibin, Li Junfu, Yao Conggong, Wei Mingchu, Fan Yingchu, Du Mengmo, Sun Zuoyun, Hang Dunci, Xu Mengying Bi Liejue and Lu Jinsuo. In recent years, another group of youth and middle-aged experts and scholars with great influence at home and abroad have emerged. The joint efforts of many generations have created an excellent school spirit of “Noble morality, Erudite, Aiming at absolute perfection”.

Henan Normal University enjoyes reputation because of pure school spirit, upright teaching general mood, great studying ethos and high level college course teaching. She got the “excellent” in the Ministry of Education’s assess to the level of college course teaching in 2006. In recent years, source of students is plentiful, the number of reached the admission test score in the college enrolment first aspiration always is twice as much as enrolment plan. Graduate employment rate keeps above 90%, the proportion that graduating students are admitted to

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