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4.4 out of 5 (58 ratings / 41 reviews) Alicante, Spain
The University of Alicante is an open, responsible and transparent university that encourages participation and the reuse of open data with effective support of Information Technology (IT):

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The University of Alicante was created in October 1979 on the structure of the University Study Centre (CEU), which was started in 1968. Thus, Alicante recovered in this way its university studies centre that was suspended in 1834.


The University of Alicante is a young and adaptable to social changes and the needs of our society university. It is a multidisciplinary university, with studies of letters, science, social and legal sciences, engineering and architecture, and health sciences, organized into six faculties and a Polytechnic University. The UA promotes integral human formation of the members of the University and has a powerful and varied cultural and sports.


The University of Alicante is firmly committed to high-quality work and one of its priorities is the development of intense research activity that contributes to the generation and transfer of knowledge.

In order to ensure our research activity under appropriate conditions, we consider it essential to have both strong support to our already existing research groups and to encourage and promote the consolidation of emerging research groups.

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601 200
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801 -100
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Student services

  • Personal web pages for students
  • Webmail service
  • Post office
  • Predictive Medicine Service
  • Publication Service
  • Reception offices
  • Records Office
  • Advanced Language Centre
  • Agreements Office
  • Apertium translation machine
  • Banking Offices
  • Car Share Scheme
  • Catering Service
  • Cleaning Service
  • Committee for Health & Security
  • Corporate Image and Communication Office
  • Digital Workshop
  • EcoCampus Office for Environmental Management
  • Gardening Service
  • Image Workshop
  • Incidences and reports to external services
  • Infrastructures & External Services Division
  • International Relations Centre
  • Languages and Culture Service

Housing services

UA wants you to take advantage of your time here, going beyond your professional training. You can also enrich your campus experience by participating in our cultural life, in our concerts, visiting our exhibitions and attending our workshops and our clubs in drama, music, etc

Library services

The University of Alicante Library (hereafter University Library), is a University Service in support of learning, teaching, research, culture and all the activities relating to the operation and management of the University as a whole.

It is a central service of the University and has 7 service points distributed mainly within the University Campus.

ICT services

Multimedia resources:

  • Live Broadcast
  • Video Conferences
  • Multimedia Content Creation: Laboratory
  • Image Workshop

Student Life

Campus life

  • On-campus green area is rich and varied and plays a leading role. We have an ‘Enlightened Forest’, a palm-tree grove and many other species.
  • Our campus is managed from the most advanced criteria of energy efficiency, recycling and social commitment.
  • You can meet students at your faculty or other by having a drink in our social clubs where you will always find healthy set menus.
  • Discover the milestones in our campus and remember our history and famous people. You can either follow our recommended tour or go at your own will!

Sports facilities

The University of Alicante is committed to sports and to the transmission of its inherent values as well as to professional training , research and competitions .

Sports are a strategic commitment of the University of Alicante which is provided with fully-equipped sports facilities (sports centre with indoor pool, gym, squash, outdoor courts ... athletics, sea sports, basketball, hockey, tennis, etc.)

Student clubs

UA wants you to take advantage of your time here, going beyond your professional training. You can also enrich your campus experience by participating in our cultural life, in our concerts, visiting our exhibitions and attending our workshops and our clubs in drama, music, etc

Student Reviews

Yes or no?
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

Very good experience. Gained a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge.

Fisheries ecosystemic approach
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

State engineer at sea sceances, optio fisheries from the high school for the sea sciences and litoral management , Algiers, from july 2013. I have an experience as principal inspector for fishery and aquaculture, from 2014 at 2019. In this moment i am studying a master for fisheries sustainable management, in the university of Alicante ( Spain ) .

An eye-opening experience
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

I started my experience at the UA as a wide-eyed teen with a love for languages, and I left with an even bigger love for being the link that makes communication possible. We dabbled in different fields of translation, which was perfect for me because I'm interested in several disciplines but I can't seem to decide what I would like to specialise in. However, my...