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University of Split

4.7 out of 5 (29 ratings / 15 reviews) Split, Croatia
The University of Split offers the most of studying programmes, meeting different interests which can be found at many modern universities all around the world. There are two types of studies, university and professional studies.

Master's Programmes

Engineering & Technology (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)



The University of Split was officially established on 15 June 1974 when the units having already had an effect in their professional, scientific and teaching areas entered its structure.


This involves the research and protection of art and construction heritage, philology, field crops, oceanography and fishing, Adriatic botany and zoology, island and coastal economy, Adriatic tourism, maritime law, nautical science, naval architecture and a range of other specific disciplines such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, electrical and mechanical engineering, social sciences, kinesiology, humanities, health sciences, forensics, all of which distinguish the University of Split, not only in Croatia but also beyond its borders.


The focus of the research work carried out by the University is on scientific areas with reference to disciplines characterized by natural, biomedical, cultural, historical, social, economic and other features of the region as a part of the Croatian Adriatic and the Mediterranean region as a whole.

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Library services

University Library in Split is a scientific institution and acentral library of the University of Split which gathers and distributes information resources for all the Split faculties providing the users with appropriate studying conditions and work.

Student Life

Sports facilities

Pursuant to the Sports Act, all of the official competitions at the University of Split are to be organized by the Split University Sports Federation, the legal successor to the Split University Sport Association. In addition to organizing sporting events in this area, Split University Sports Federation also takes care about the performances of our students, that is, of university teams, at all student competitions in Croatia, as well as numerous international competitions.

Student clubs

Student Union is a student representative electoral body that protects student interests, participates in decision–making bodies of higher education institutions and represents students in higher education system. Students participate in university governance through the Student Union as the elected representative student body of higher education institutions.

Student Reviews

Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

I would recommend it anytime.

The teaching organization is sometimes umpredictable.
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

The teaching organization is sometimes umpredictable To live in Croatia is not expensive if you don't spend needlessly.. The normal things that you use everyday, have the same prive (more or less). But you feel that is cheeper. They are flexibles with the students. A lot of subjects in Sport science education were completely different. So it's interestant to do these...

Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

I wanted to go abriad to learn something new but all I did was doing powerpoint presentations and excel cells. Its great there if youre a laid back student who loves to party, but to learn something I cant recommend it.