Humak University of Applied Sciences

Humak is the strongest expert and leading educator in the fields of humanities and pedagogy and cultural management in Finland. We operate through a nationwide network, which makes it possible to combine nationwide development with regional needs.

Master's Programmes

Journalism & Media (1)



Humak University of Applied Science offers two degree programmes in English: Degree Programme in Youth Work and Social Equality and European Master´s degree programme in Sign Language Interpreting.

We are planning to expand our Bachelor Degree Programmes in English in near future. Please sign up for our newsletter if you are interested to keep up in this process.

In addition, Humak provides Erasmus Exchange Programme Courses in the fields of Civic Activities and Youth Work and Cultural Management programmes.


Housing services

It is possible to live in the dormitory of Nurmijärvi campus. There are 26 rooms reserved for Humak students on 6th and 7th floor – single apartments, double rooms and one modest one-room flat.

  • Single apartment. Two rooms with a common lobby. The doors of the rooms can be locked. The apartment contains also toilette and shower – there is a joint TV in the living room and a kitchen. The rent is 260 euros per month.
  • Double room for two friends. The rent is 139 euros per month.
  • 7th floor one-room flat is smaller and shower is in the corridor. the rent is 100 euros per month.

Library services

Humak´s library services can be used both in campuses and RDI-centres. Humak’s library services are arranged together with folk high-school libraries and special libraries. Our libraries are open for everyone.

Student Life

Campus life

Helsinki with surrounding cities and municipalities form a region that is the largest urbanized area in Finland with 1,4 Million inhabitants. It is by far the most important economic, cultural, and scientific region of Finland.

In this Metropolitan area Humak has two campuses – in Nurmijärvi and in Kauniainen – and one RDI-Centre. Kauniainen is a small city 16 km west of Helsinki downtown and Nurmijärvi is a municipality about 50 km north of Helsinki. The RDI-Centre is situated in a western Helsinki suburb Haaga some 10 km from city centre.