The Collegium Polonicum

The Collegium Polonicum is a cross-border, academic institution which was jointly brought into being and is being maintained by the European University Viadrina and the Adam Mickiewicz University. Against the background of an expanding Europe, it is developing into an academic and cultural meeting place between Poland and Germany open to teachers and students from all over Europe.


Its library contains an attractive collection of books, specific to major fields of study and is interesting for readers of the region.

Through the Collegium Polonicum, Slubice with 17.000 inhabitants, and Frankfurt (Oder) with 64.000 inhabitants, the German "Gateway to the East", are moving even closer together.

Partner universities
  • European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

Founding year: 1991

Faculties: law, economics and business administration, international business administration, cultural sciences studies (with inter-disciplinary orientation, including comparative social sciences, history of culture, studies of literature, linguistics), International Business Administration, interdisciplinary research institutes for transformation studies, ethics, literature and politics.

President: Prof. Dr. Alexander Wöll

Profile: University oriented towards Europe, taking on a bridging function between Eastern and Western Europe; special role in the German-Polish relations; 18 per cent of all students come from Poland; the curricula of all faculties are interlinked; cultural studies are of an inter-disciplinary nature; intensive language training.

  • Adam Mickiewicz University Pozna´n

Founding year: 1919

Faculties: biology, chemistry, english, studies of Polish and classical literature and language, physics, history, mathematics, computer science, social sciences, studies of new languages, studies of law and administration, pedagogy, geography, geology, theology

Number of students: 43.000 (2014)

Rector: Prof. Dr. habil. Bronislaw Marciniak

Profile: A university with a modern administration, strongly participating in international research program; 100 partner institutions in the whole world; 3.000 academic staff, including 700 professors; 3.500 academic publications per year; university library with 4,6 million volumes