University of Electronic Science & Technology of China

University of Electronic Science & Technology of China (formerly Chengdu Institute of Radio Engineering) is situated at Chengdu, the city of over a thousand-year-old cultural history in "the land of abundance". In 1956, instructed by Premier Zhou Enlai, UESTC was founded on the basis of the incorporation of electronic divisions of the then three universities including Jiaotong Universities, Nanjing Institute of Technology and South China Institute of Technology.



In 1956, Chengdu Institute of Radio Engineering (CIRE), the first electronic information institute of higher education in new China, was founded. In 1988, Chengdu Institute of Radio Engineering was renamed University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. In 2001, the University was admitted into the State's “Project 985” for the top 34 universities in China.


The University is adept in the field of electronic information with disciplines of strength and comprehensiveness, which have covered nearly all the second-level disciplines from materials to components and circuits to circuit systems. Centering on electronic information science and technology, a fully-fledged program system has come into being with engineering as its major field, the integration of engineering and sciences as its highlight and the coordinated development of science, engineering, administration and liberal arts as its key feature.


Major Fields and Areas:

  • Communications, Navigation, Measuring and Control Technology
  • Radar Detection and Imaging Technology
  • Optoelectronic Technology
  • Electronic Information Materials Technology
  • Electronic Information Systems Technology
  • Microelectronics Technology
  • Stealth Technology
  • Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology
  • Precision Guidance Technology
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electronic Components and Vacuum Electron Device Technology
  • Test Systems Technology
  • Warfare Technology

University Ranking

Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University
201 100
301 -150
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Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report
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World University Rankings by Times Higher Education
801 -200
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Housing services

UESTC provides dormitory on campus for internationl students. Students except doctor is provided double room, which is RMB 6,000/year per head. And single room for doctors is RMB 12,000/year.(Note:1 U.S Dollar 6.4 RMB).

Library services

The library of UESTC was established in 1956 and it enjoys the collection of electronic documents gathered from libraries of Jiao Tong University, Nanjing Institute of Technology and South China Institute of Technology. UESTC has two libraries: one in Shahe Campus and another in Qingshuihe Campus. The libraries are equipped with 5200 readers' seats and 108 reading and studying rooms.

Student Life

Sports facilities

UESTC provides its students with large areas of acitvity and sports facilities: Student Activities Center 12,200 square meter, Outdoor Playground 205,000 square meter, Swimming Pool 5000 square meter, Indoor Gym 11,400 square meter.