MPW College Cambridge

Founded in London in 1973 by three Cambridge University graduates, the MPW Group is one of the best known and well respected independent college brands in the UK.

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It comprises three fifth- and sixth-form colleges in London, Birmingham and Cambridge, providing highly attractive and modern learning environments located in close proximity to prestigious university campuses. MPW teaches 950 students on roll each year, of which approximately two thirds are British, one third international. An additional 1,300 mostly UK-based students enrol each year on Easter Revision courses.Quality assurance within the MPW Group is driven by a common governance model and a common set of principles and operational methods to which each college adheres.

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Each student is assigned to a Director of Studies, whose role is to supervise students’ academic progress, university applications and general welfare. Directors of Studies have light teaching loads, enabling them to be freely available to students, parents and subject tutors. Regular individual meetings are held to discuss test results, progress in class, homework, UCAS applications and reports.Parents are encouraged to communicate with Directors of Studies on a regular basis and informal meetings between parents, students and tutors provide a constructive forum for assessing progress. Written reports from the subject tutors and a covering report from the Director of Studies are sent to parents twice in the Autumn and Spring terms and once in the Summer term.

Student Life

MPW students are diverse and friendly, and most take full advantage of the huge number of extra -curricular activities and projects on offer.Getting involved in a college related activity is a great way to make friends, develop and demonstrate your skills and interests and help you stand out from the crowd when you apply to university.If you like playing sport, you are welcome to join our rugby or football teams. The MPW rugby union team has enjoyed great success in the London Sixth Form Colleges Rugby League and so far this season they are unbeaten in the league. There are match reports on the rugby union page.MPW has also offered football as an activity for many years. The team continues to enjoy a high degree of interest amongst students and success on the field.If football or rugby doesn’t interest you, you might like to try basketball, golf, tennis, rock climbing, dance or yoga.If you prefer something more cerebral, you can learn a new language or instrument, take part in our debating competitions, produce and edit the college newsletter and magazine or help organise our annual charity gala evening and Art and Photography Exhibitions.All students are offered a full programme of careers-related seminars given by speakers eminent in their field. These inspiring talks are particularly pertinent when a student is formulating university choices.

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom