Leith School of Art

The School has independent status, which allows us freedom to teach in a way that we believe is beneficial for our students. The courses are not modular; instead they are structured around set projects and personal work. In addition we are able to have a high staff/student ratio, enabling us to really engage with our students and offer an art education that emphasises the whole person in curriculum and pastoral care.

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The School is situated in Leith, on the north side of Edinburgh. Housed in the Norwegian Seaman’s Church, the building has a distinctive feel that sustains a balance between its history and the transformation required to adapt the spaces for their current use as multi-purpose studios. The building has some areas flooded with light while others are more atmospheric. It is a special environment, which lends itself ideally to the creative process.
We believe that our size and commitment to teaching sets us apart and makes being a student with us a rewarding and vibrant experience.

The Theme

Each year we choose a general theme, from which the ideas and inspiration for the courses are drawn. This enables us to refresh our teaching constantly, providing different perspectives each year on the subjects and concepts studied. It provides a common ground between all the full and part-time courses, generating a unity of thought and purpose throughout the work done in the School.

The theme is Thresholds. This theme has a number of meanings, each of which we hope will provide an interesting starting point for discussion, inspiration and visual interrogation. The most tangible threshold is an entrance or a doorway and there are a number of artists throughout history who have taken this theme as a starting point, allowing them to explore ideas of inside/outside, as well as more abstract ideas relating to personal, geographical, political & cultural boundaries. All the courses offered at the School will explore ideas to do with Thresholds, from a physical interpretation to a more philosophical approach.

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