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University of Almeria

The University of Almeria (UAL) was founded in 1993. Its main purpose is to adapt its services to the new demands of our society in order to reach the quality and efficiency objectives in teaching, research and management.

Master's Programmes



The University of Almeria (UAL) was founded in 1993 and has over 13000 undergraduate and graduate students.


The UAL offers 31 degrees, 37 official masters, 14 doctoral programs and a wide range of further training.


The research work of the University of Almeria is closely related to its financial environment, focusing particularly on solar energy, agriculture and water management.

The University of Almería is the third university in Andalusia in scientific and academic production with over 300 scientific research agreements signed with companies, around 10 patents, over 700 published papers and the edition of 3 annual scientific journals.


The University Employment Service (SUE) can help with a list of activities intended to mediate with the labour market, putting students, university graduates and people searching a job in contact with companies.

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Housing services

The Accommodation Service can help you to find private rented accommodation in Almeria, as well as provide you with advice on how to look for private rented accommodation and how to contact other students (flatmates) to look for accommodation together.

ICT services

The UAL offers you a wide range of ICT services to help you achieve your goals.

Student Life

Campus life

The campus life is as enjoyable as the environment and weather of the province of Almeria. Its location, by the sea, makes the campus a unique environment. But what undoubtedly makes students’ stays really successful is the Andalusian character and lifestyle: friendly, cheerful, enterprising and proud of their homeland and customs.

Sports facilities

The UAL offers different tennis, paddle, football, basketball and volleyball courses. They also have an Olympic indoor pool, fitness center, sauna, spinning room, a fully equipped gym and specialized rooms for other activities requested by students. Furthermore, the Sports Service of UAL offers students plenty of leisure and free-time activities in contact with nature, such as hiking, rafting, diving, skiing, snowboarding, canoeing, caving and horseback riding, among others.