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Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

There are four architectural studios at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, each with a specific pedagogical focus.



Since its founding, the Department of Architecture has benefited from cooperation with art departments and departments of applied art. Students have the opportunity to develop their skills while being taught in the scope of craft techniques, sculpting, painting, and drawing. In addition to being linked with applied arts disciplines, the Department of Architecture profits from its curriculum of accompanying technical education and maintains close cooperation with a number of experts, and specialists in a wide range of fields. 


AAAD consists of twenty four studios which are grouped within five departments: architecture, design, fine art, applied arts and graphics. The sixth department provides lectures on art history and aesthetics.

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Student services

International students accepted for studies at AAAD are entitled to benefit from the same student advantages as local students, i.e.  to receive a student transport card, to cater in students’ canteens, to have student discounts in museums and galleries, to use equipment in studios, workshops and other premises of the Academy. They should, however, respect safety rules and technical staff ´ instructions.  Students may make full use of the library and the computer centres as well photocopying services.

Housing services

There are 70 beds in one (AP2), two (AP4) or three (AP6) bedroom units, each bedroom with two separate beds. There are no single bedrooms available.

Each unit has its own kitchen, bathroom and restroom.

In every room there are two beds, two bedside tables, two desks and two desk lamps. There is also a fridge. All accommodated students get a blanket, a pillow, bed linen and sheets and an additional blanket.

Kitchens are equipped with 2-plate cookers and electric kettles. After paying a deposit it is possible to rent kitchen utensils.

There is also a laundry and a drying room in the dorm. And it is possible for the students to get connected to the net there.

Library services

How to use our services:

  • student card or ISIC is necessary for outside loans
  • there is no free access to publications, please ask the staff for assistance
  • you can check the library electronic catalogue before visit to see what literature we have and if it's available or not

ICT services

There is a computer center open for all AAAD students in room 409, fourth floor. You can use all the equipment in there – computers (DELL, iMac 27), printers, plotters, scanners and paper cutters.


The autonomous academic authorities of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague (AAAD) are the Academic Senate, the Artistic Board, and the Board of Trustees.

Student Reviews

Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

Good exeprince and very informative and helpfulll for the students

Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

im an erasmus student and I would like to complete my studies around the world

Anonymous rated 1 out of 5 stars

working in fair construction ltd as surveyor position with two years in road construction project