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Marbella International University Centre

Marbella International University Centre (MIUC) is international university in its mind-set and teaching methods so as to enable Faculty staff and students, who are of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, to live, learn and explore together, building a distinct community of forward thinking professionals and knowledge creators.



The Marbella International University Centre started up its project after the approval of the adjudication of the public contest convened by the Council of Marbella in November 2012.


We offer Bologna accredited BA and MA programmes with a strong focus on global aspects of knowledge, skills and competences tailored for the modern age. All our degree programmes are taught in English, to ensure the students’ future success in the increasingly competitive international job market.

Our programmes are taught by successful academics and industry professionals who divide their time between vigorous research and innovative business practice. A modern, tech-savvy approach in class is complemented by specialised workshops run by senior business leaders and influential political actors.


The balance between expert professors and highly qualified professionals that enrich the theoretical and practical student education is addressing the professional sector as well, at a global level through the development of competences, aptitudes and real-life situations within top-end facilities that use state-of-the-art technologies.

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Student services

From the start, each one of our students has been provided with a 24h assistance service and a tutor that helps them in terms of academic and professional advice, motivation and development of their potential.

Housing services

  • The Accommodation Department assists students with finding accommodation in Marbella and the surrounding areas while studying at MIUC.
  • The cost of living in Marbella can vary significantly depending on the student´s lifestyle. Compared to other European cities, where living space is scarce and often overpriced for its standards, Marbella can be a very affordable place to live. Living expenses such as food, leisure, utilities, and transportation can comfortably be covered with 500€ per month.

Library services

  • The MIUC Library offers access to a series of databases containing more than 7000 scientific journals, most of them in full text. All library electronic resources are integrated in the Blackboard digital platform.
  • Every student receives a free iPad with the preinstalled Blackboard app to review study materials, stream the recorded lectures, sign up for courses and submit assignments.

ICT services

Each classroom is equipped with the most advanced currently available technology – interactive whiteboard projector screens integrated into the Blackboard learning platform.

Student Life

Campus life

  • MIUC facility is located in a quiet area of Marbella, at a walking distance to the city centre and the beach, Marbella International University Centre is a secure and gated campus with a beautiful landscape and sea view.
  • Marbella International University Centre Campus - We boast multimedia-powered classrooms, media lab and library, as well as an indoor/outdoor canteen, parking spots, tennis court, and a gorgeous swimming pool with jacuzzi.

Sports facilities

We have a variety of Sports and Extracurricular activities at our students' disposal, from Sailing and Kitesurfing, to Golf, Tennis and Squash. There is also a cycle station on campus with MIUC bikes for hire.