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Valahia University of Targoviste

Currently, all forms of education, about 11,000 students studying under the competent guidance of over 320 teachers, organized in academic departments benefiting from the corresponding material. Besides teaching and research activity, University of Targoviste VALAHIA includes in its structure, training centers continue in accordance with the requirements of socio-economic environment in which it works.

Master's Programmes

Social Sciences (1)



After the 1989 Revolution, in 1991, the Technical and Economic University College opened its gates. Later on, following the Romanian Government Decision no. 288 / 01.06.1992, Valahia University of Târgoviste was created. The creation of this university naturally belongs to the concept of development of regional universities, a common practice in the main European and North-American States.


Valahia University Târgoviste includes 8 faculties (Bachelor Degree - 3 or 4 years), 31 higher education specializations, masteral and doctoral studies, a teacher pre-service and in-service training sector and a distance learning department.


The Scientific and Technological Multidisciplinary Research Institute (ICSTM-UVT) is an independent, apolitical and non-governmental professional organization, under the aegis of Valahia University Târgoviste, created for the participation of the university academics and of others collaborators both to the realization of research-development projects within national or international programs and to development programs through a direct collaboration with different beneficiaries.


As an educational institution, the University is responsible for academic career modelling and thus for educating an academic elite.


Housing services

  • International students will be accommodated in one of our student hostels, all of them located in the vicinity of the universitys buildings.
  • There are many hostels and they provide places in fully furnished bedrooms with shared bathrooms. Bed linen is provided, but the students are expected to bring their own towels.
  • On every level there are furnished kitchens, for preparing food, automatic washing machines for students use, training rooms and an Internet network for information, documentation and communication. Residents are expected to have some kitchen utensils of their own.

Library services

The university library has educational, scientific and informative functions, offering guidance, study and research facilities, bibliographic and documentary information. It contains over 85,000 documents:

  • books
  • periodicals
  • electronic data bases.

Medical services

Health care is available to all students in the University Health Services. This centre provides general and dental medical assistance. Also, in Targoviste there is a General Hospital that provides medical services in all specializations.

Student Life

Campus life

Valahia University Targoviste has 6 Student Hostels, assuring over 1000 places with a high comfort standard (3 stars).

Sports facilities

International students have the opportunity of practicing different sports in various locations in Targoviste. So,they can practice athletics, football on the Municipal Stadium, tennis and swimming (in summer) at the Crizantema Sports, at Chindia Park and at the Swimming Pool near the Bus Terminal of Targoviste, gymnastics, aerobics at the University sports hall. Also, at the University Students Club they can practice chess, tennis, handball, fitness.

Student clubs

  • The Students League of Valahia University of Targoviste is an autonomous, independent, democratically constituted, non-profit and apolitical organization, reuniting students from all the forms of education, regardless of their nationality, sex, age or religion.
  • The main objectives of the League are: to defend and represent the interests of all the students of Valahia University, to promote the competentstudents in the leadership structures of their faculties and of the university, in the Board Committees and in otheradministrative structures; to organize different professional, social, cultural, sports and economic activities; to publish magazines; to fight against the violation of human rights.


All our programmes are fully accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education.

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