West Pomeranian Business School

Studies at the West Pomeranian Business School – the oldest non-public business school of West Pomerania – are your chance and our challenge. They are a guarantee of profound, up-to-date knowledge and practical skills demanded on a labour market. Every day we create for you the unlimited possibilities for development and improvement. 



  • 1989, The foundation of The West Pomeranian Business School Ltd.


Research is carried out in three dimensions:

  • International (international research teams, project consortia, bilateral contracts, etc.);
  • National (research projects taking advantage of the country’s development dimensions, designed in the National Development Strategy, Operational Programmes, Ministry of Science and Higher Education Programmes, National Cohesion Strategy , etc.);
  • Regional (research realization in the scope determined by the Regional Operational Programme, Regional Innovation Strategy, Development Strategy of West Pomeranian County till 2020; applied research for the regional economy, consulting etc.)

Master's Programmes


ICT services

We give you both merit an organizational support during the process of studying. We have brought for you an e-learning platform, with an easy and free access to any educational content you may need, a digital library and an on-line student service system – “e-deanery”.

Student Life

Campus life

Szczecin is located in the neighbourhood of three countries: Germany, Denmark and Sweden, what was always considered to be beneficial to the city development. Just as the access to the water front.