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Studying Emergency & Disaster Management

Emergency and disaster management refers to all activities and procedures used by policy makers, public institutions and services to identify, monitor and manage risk sources and situations. Types of risks covered by emergency and disaster management include acts of terrorism, natural disasters, industrial incidents, communication failures and others.

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25 Emergency & Disaster Management Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Risk, Disaster and Resilience

In this multidisciplinary Risk, Disaster and Resilience programme at University College London (UCL) students acquire a broad overview of different hazards and approaches to risk and disaster reduction and tools for research in this field.

Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR)
M.Sc. Geological and Environmental Hazards

This Geological and Environmental Hazards course at University of Portsmouth focuses on the physical processes that generate natural hazards through an advanced understanding of geological and environmental processes. You will be fully trained by internationally recognized experts in hazard identification, terrain evaluation techniques as well as hazard modelling and risk assessment techniques. 

M.Sc. Infrastructure in Emergencies (Distance Learning)

The Infrastructure in Emergencies (Distance Learning) MSc programme at Loughborough University is aimed at those of you who are looking to improve the emergency water and sanitation sector in low- and middle-income countries, with the option to work flexibly from home.

Civil and Building Engineering
M.Sc. Emergency Planning and Management

The MSc in Emergency Planning and Management at Coventry University is a taught course designed to provide students with an advanced level of understanding of concepts and evolving best practice in emergency planning and management.

Energy, Construction and Environment
M.A. Development and Emergency Practice

The award-winning Development and Emergency Practice (PGDip/ PGCert) course from Oxford Brookes University provides a unique academic setting for the study of international development, conflict, disaster management, urbanisation, humanitarianism and human rights. With its emphasis on practice, the course offers students the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in the rapidly changing fields of development and emergencies.

School of Architecture
M.Sc. Safety Critical Systems Engineering

The Safety Critical Systems Engineering programme aims to equip students with knowledge, understanding and practical application of the essential components of Safety Critical Systems Engineering, to complement previously gained knowledge and skills in Computer Science.

M.A., M.Sc. Disasters, Adaptation & Development

The Disasters, Adaptation and Development MA, MSc at King's College London course takes a social development perspective, exploring topics such as human vulnerability, response to natural and technological hazards and to hazards associated with climate change.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
M.Sc. Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management (Distance Learning)

This Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management (Distance Learning) course at the University of Leicester provides you with a thorough grounding in risk management theory and its application to real world problems. You will have the opportunity to engage in a wide-ranging interdisciplinary analysis of the extent, effects and explanations of crisis and disaster, and the use of risk theory.

Department of Safety, Security and Risk Management
M.Sc. Hazards and Disaster Management

The Hazards and Disaster Management course from Kingston University takes an interdisciplinary approach, recognising that understanding disasters requires an appreciation of the physical processes of the hazard, the social structures that shape the impacts and the disaster/emergency management arrangements put in place to mitigate the problem.

Faculty of Science
M.Sc. Disaster Healthcare(Online Delivery)

The online Masters in Disaster Healthcare - the only course of its kind in the UK - is aimed at healthcare, armed forces and NGO professionals working in the humanitarian field or aspiring to do so. 

The School of Health, Sport and Professional Practice
Postgraduate Diploma Space Risk and Disaster Reduction

Uniting emergency response, disaster risk reduction and space technology this programme is designed to prepare students to work in the fields of satellite technology and disaster response to explore the management of risk and disaster losses from a range of perspectives, focusing on emerging risks posed to modern technology by space weather and the monitoring of hazards on Earth from outer space.

Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR)
M.Sc. Structural and Fire Safety Engineering

This Structural and Fire Safety Engineering programme at The University of Edinburgh allows more interesting and functional architecture but challenges traditional concepts of fire safety. To respond to these demands takes specialist knowledge and advanced skills in engineering analysis.

College of Science & Engineering
M.Sc. Disaster Management

It is becoming increasingly important to foster resilience and a capacity to withstand disaster events, as a part of reducing and managing risk within a broader context of sustainable development. The Disaster Management course at Coventry University aims to provide students with the research skills, knowledge and management expertise to deal with future crises, emergencies and disasters in the developed and developing world.

Energy, Construction and Environment
M.Sc. Risk and Disaster Science

The importance of science in understanding disaster risks and the need for science-based strategies at local, national and international levels in the private, public, and third sectors are now widely recognised. The Risk and Disaster Science MSc aims to meet the growing need for experts trained in disaster science in sectors ranging from finance to humanitarian response.

Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR)
M.Sc. Risk and Disaster Science

The global challenge of understanding risk, increasing resilience and reducing exposure to hazards has generated demand for a new type of scientist in government, business and NGOs, who can work across boundaries. In a science-led programme, you will learn how to assess and quantify risk, reduce disaster risks and manage emergencies for hazards and crises.

Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR)
M.Res. Risk and Disaster Reduction

Risk and disaster reduction, particularly within the contexts of dealing with uncertainty and increasing resilience, are high on local, national and international agendas. The Risk and Disaster Reduction MRes is a research-intensive programme, which aims to meet the rapidly growing need for experts trained to analyse and provide solutions to complex issues relating to risk and disasters.

Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR)
Postgraduate Certificate Risk and Disaster Reduction

Risk and disaster reduction, particularly within the contexts of dealing with uncertainty and increasing resilience, are high on local, national and international agendas. The Risk and Disaster Reduction Postgraduate Certificate offers students the opportunity to gain a sound grasp of the characteristics of risk and disasters and their past, present and future impacts on society.

Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR)