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Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University is ranked 301 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education and has an overall score of 4.4 stars, according to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experience at universities from all over the world.

On this page you can see how the university is ranked on international rankings and find out what students are saying about their study experience.

Student Reviews

Latest positive review:

This country is obviously more expensive that Spain and although the Erasmus grant helps it is not enough so you will need to save some money. Live the city, try to make as many friends as possible and enjoy the system of the university which is quite different but certainly really good. Teaching methods are quite different. Whereas in Spain everything is more theoretical and studies are a bit strict, in Edinburgh I found that everything was much more practical, which was a positive aspect, because I learned a lot about translation and interpreting.

Latest critical review:

Well I am very lucky that my parents are able and wan't to finance such experiences for me. However the grant did definitely not cover all expenses and definitely never could, but I am still very thankful for it since it made a lot of things easier. You have to also be aware that even student accommodations can cost you more than 500 to 600 euros per month, which I personally think is way to much money for a normal student and these accommodations may not even be very nice places to live in.

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