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Ming Chuan University

Ming Chuan University is ranked 1201 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education.

On this page you can see how the university is ranked on international rankings and find out what students are saying about their study experience.

Student Reviews

Latest positive review:

The university provided so much for me to maximize my potential and gave me so many opportunities.

Latest critical review:

While I would consider Ming Chuan as a good university for international students, some aspects of my experience so far have left me wanting more. I wouldn't describe this universities programs as academically "competitive". This does not mean it is an easy program(speaking from my own programs perspective), just that there are a few aspects that might seem too "relaxed"...

Why are student reviews important?

Ming Chuan University is located in Taipei, Taiwan and is featured in the best 1000 universities in the world, according to the most well-known international university rankings. Find out its position in each of these rankings or see what other universities made the ranking lists.


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