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Chung Yuan Christian University

Chung Yuan Christian University is ranked 1001 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education.

On this page you can see how the university is ranked on international rankings and find out what students are saying about their study experience.

Student Reviews

Latest positive review:

Overall experience was great firstly because of the world class research facility for membrane engineering. I have learned so much from my laboratory and research experience ans was able to publish scientific papers in just two years. The faculty was also world class wherein most of the Professors came from top Universities in the United States and Europe. The locals were...

Latest critical review:

Chung Yuan Christian University is a nice university. It offers us several opportunities to apply for internships. Students can always find a lot of resources to assist their studies. Most of the professors I know are really kind-hearted and enthusiastic. However, there's still room for improvements in academic standards.

Why are student reviews important?

Chung Yuan Christian University is located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan and is featured in the best 1000 universities in the world, according to the most well-known international university rankings. Find out its position in each of these rankings or see what other universities made the ranking lists.


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