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University of Pretoria

University of Pretoria is ranked 551 in QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities and has an overall score of 4.1 stars, according to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experience at universities from all over the world.

On this page you can see how the university is ranked on international rankings and find out what students are saying about their study experience.

Student Reviews

Latest positive review:

The University of Pretoria MSc Real Estate is the best. The college is full of life, research life is booming and Pretoria is a city full of adventure. What a study time it is to have such committed lecturers!

Latest critical review:

Apologies for being realistic, I find it odd that I did not see any Zimbabwean University on the list. I had to put the University of Pretoria based on proximity to my country Zimbabwe. I had to remember that Zimbabwe is under economic sunctions and hence we as the young generation are being shut from the globalisation. Poor us. However, I am a Zimbabwean and I did an MPA...

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Study in South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa. It has the strongest economy in Africa, and has an internationally strong higher education system. Its executive capital is Pretoria, though Bloemfontein is it�s judicial capital and Cape Town is the legislative capital. The largest city is Johannesburg.

University of Pretoria is located in Pretoria, South Africa and is featured in the best 1000 universities in the world, according to the most well-known international university rankings. Find out its position in each of these rankings or see what other universities made the ranking lists.