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VIA University College

We don't have rankings information and student reviews for VIA University College yet. However, you can still search the programmes this university is currently offering, and read all about the university’s details.

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Student Reviews

Latest positive review:

My program is teaching in a very practical way. Many real-life case studies provide me a good understanding of how to apply learned theory. All assignments are based in study groups which sometimes is hard to cope with. Especially when you should agree on innovations or product developments. In general, I am very thankful I could be part of my program - it opened my eyes...

Latest critical review:

The university has a good dynamic at the beginning of the career. They allow students to work in groups that creates a nice environment, but one ends up depending on other students in order to finish the work that has to be done. It is not a normal studying system. There are no quizzes or exams throughout the semester, only one for each class and for the semester project...

Why are student reviews important?

Study in Denmark

Denmark takes pride in having an excellent education system and some of the best academic institutions in Europe. If you’re an EU/EEA national, you can even study for free at local public universities. Classes are held in small groups, allowing students to focus better and actively participate in discussions and activities. This also enables professors to pay attention to each student individually, ensuring nobody is overlooked. Over 90% of Danish people speak English, so language barriers are non-existent. However, there’s a high chance you’ll need to learn Danish, at least at a conversational level, if you want to get a part-time job during your studies. Don’t be surprised if you’ll find yourself falling in love with ‘Hygge’ — a Danish concept that can be summed up as a feeling of calm, coziness, and tranquillity, simply feeling good in the moment. It’s all about appreciating and enjoying your current experience.

VIA University College is located in Aarhus, Denmark. Studyportals has all of the information you need to find your best option: You can search the programmes this university is currently offering, and read all about the university’s details.


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