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Library science is mainly concerned with the retrieval and management of information under any form. This discipline has become very complex due to the high technological development in our society. Libraries continue to hold an important role in the academic world, while making greater use of technology, compared to the past. Belonging to an interdisciplinary field of study, library science degrees borrow tools from areas such as management, information technology and education, to collect, organise, preserve, and prioritise information resources.

Library science is associated with many sub-fields such as documentation science, bibliography, information management, knowledge management, etc. As an increasingly digitalised field of activity, library science is often associated with study programmes in informatics and information science.

Students of library science degrees learn to navigate the digital world, to properly handle information and to enable users to access it easily. Professionals also become accustomed to the legal status of libraries and records management and learn how to use specialised computer software to organise their work.

Specialisations in library sciences include studies in digital libraries, archives and records management, rare manuscripts, school library, and others.

Library science degrees prepare professionals who can work in government, archives, information agencies, cultural organisations, museums, libraries, business intelligence firms and other organisations engaged in information activities.

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Universities Location Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking (2017)
Cambridge, United States 1
Bloomington, United States 2
Kowloon, Hong Kong (SAR) 3
Wuhan, China 4
Leuven, Belgium 5
Amsterdam, Netherlands 6
Tucson, United States 7
College Park, United States 8
Nashville, United States 8
Ann Arbor, United States 10
Granada, Spain 11
Austin, United States 12
Singapore, Singapore 13
Seattle, United States 14
Atlanta, United States 15
East Lansing, United States 16
Leiden, Netherlands 17
Antwerpen, Belgium 18
Wolverhampton, United Kingdom 19
Urbana, United States 20
Montréal, Canada 21
University Park, United States 22
Taipei, Taiwan 23
Montréal, Canada 24
Singapore, Singapore 25
Minneapolis, United States 26
Sydney, Australia 27
Atlanta, United States 28
New York City, United States 29
Chapel Hill, United States 30
Tempe Junction, United States 31
Pittsburgh, United States 32
Buffalo, United States 33
Vancouver, Canada 34
Salt Lake City, United States 34
Philadelphia, United States 36
Philadelphia, United States 37
Madison, United States 38
Stanford, United States 39
Seoul, South Korea 40
Evanston, United States 41
Madrid, Spain 42
Toronto, Canada 43
Sydney, Australia 44
Milwaukee, United States 45
Columbus, United States 46
Ithaca, United States 47
Sheffield, United Kingdom 48
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 49
Pittsburgh, United States 50
Manchester, United Kingdom 50
Richardson, United States 50
Delft, Netherlands 51
Shanghai, China 51
Fairfax, United States 51
Indianapolis, United States 51
Daejeon, South Korea 51
London, United Kingdom 51
Loughborough, United Kingdom 51
Valencia, Spain 51
Zürich, Switzerland 51
Philadelphia, United States 51
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 51
Melbourne, Australia 51
Houston, United States 51
Albany, United States 51
Los Angeles, United States 51
Lexington, United States 51
Roma, Italy 51
Los Angeles, United States 51
Enschede, Netherlands 51
Coventry, United Kingdom 51
Amsterdam, Netherlands 51
University of Western Ontario London, Canada 51
Hangzhou, China 51
London Borough of Harrow, United Kingdom 76
Tallahassee, United States 76
Cambridge, United States 76
Hamilton, Canada 76
Nanjing, China 76
New York City, United States 76
Beijing, China 76
West Lafayette, United States 76
Brisbane, Australia 76
New Brunswick, United States 76
Seoul, South Korea 76
Auckland, New Zealand 76
Athens, United States 76
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 76
Beijing, China 76
London, United Kingdom 76
Edmonton, Canada 76
San Diego, United States 76
Cambridge, United Kingdom 76
Storrs, United States 76
Chicago, United States 76
Ljubljana, Slovenia 76
Oxford, United Kingdom 76
Tampa, United States 76
Richmond, United States 76
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