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Aerospace Engineering is a fancy way of saying ‘rocket science’; and everyone knows that a rocket scientist is another word for a genius. Building, developing, and engineering aircrafts and spacecrafts is quite challenging. In fact, it’s rocket science; and that’s what you’ll be doing as a student of Aerospace Engineering.

Within Aerospace Engineering, there are two paths to follow: Aeronautical Engineering (working with aircrafts, jets, helicopters and, sometimes, submarines); or, Astronautical Engineering (designing rockets and spacecrafts). You’re involved in the complex, but exciting world of flight technology and the science of aerospace more generally.

Getting a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering requires a strong understanding of physics and mathematics, allowing you to better understand how aircrafts and spacecrafts can easily move through the air. After leaving engineering school, you can offer advice on design, function, and mechanics aerospace vehicles; and you can have a better understanding of alternative fuels and environmental challenges that must be considered when developing aircrafts and spacecrafts.

Aerospace Engineering is a subfield within Engineering and Technology more broadly, and you can find related fields and courses in: robotics, transportation engineering, marine engineering, automotive engineering, and mechatronics. Students who graduate from Aerospace Engineer programmes go on to find exciting, challenging jobs as: Maintenance Engineers, Operation Technicians, Aircraft Developers, Spacecraft Developers

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Suggested Masters in Aerospace Engineering

M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering

A degree in aerospace engineering is designed to prepare students to assume leadership positions in the aerospace industry and related industries. This includes the traditional aeronautics and astronautics applications as well as aerospace-related component development (design of structures, devices and instruments) and vehicle and propulsion system design. The Aerospace Engineering program is offered at SUNY Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

United States
M.Sc. Space Science and Technology

Erasmus Mundus SpaceMaster - Joint European Master in Space Science and Technology, delivered at Luleå University of Technology, provides top-class research and professional oriented modules in space science and technology for students from the whole world. The educational cooperation is supported by scientific and industrial space organisations.