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Business law is a joint sub-field of legal studies that engages both a solid knowledge of the legal system and an extensive understanding of the business environment. The study offers competence in managing legal issues in the business sector such as contracts, fiduciary obligations, business litigations, transactions, partnerships, intellectual property and other market interactions. Besides legal liabilities, business lawyers also deal with the ethical aspects of commercial activities.

From courses that familiarise students with different law procedures and how laws are made, to corporate governance, e-commerce, business economics and strategic management business law allows for a wide range of study choices. Business law courses usually include both theoretical and applied learning, featuring real case studies. The study of business law also aims at developing advanced writing and communication, negotiation, research and presentation skills.

Business law students can choose between different specialisations such as international business law, European business law, or international commercial and business law. Flexible Masters in Business Law offer students the option of also choosing a second specialisation in subjects including commerce, international relations, accounting, risk management, finance, and more.

Graduates in business law or similar degrees may benefit from a diverse range of career paths leading to positions in consulting, real estate, human resources management, marketing, government regulations or non-profit affairs.

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Suggested Masters in Business Law

LL.M. International Business Law

The International Business Law programme offered by the University of Wolverhampton will enable you to acquire and develop enhanced analytical, critical, communication and presentational skills appropriate to postgraduate level study in the context of their mandatory and optional modules, and to become familiar with the central problems of research in these areas.

United Kingdom
LL.M. Legal Practice Course

The Legal Practice Course offered by the University of Wolverhampton aims to prepare you for practice as a trainee solicitor and to provide you with a solid foundation for subsequent practice as a solicitor.

United Kingdom
M.Sc. European Economy and Business Law

The MSc in EEBL is an interdisciplinary program combining economics with political science, law and statistics. The program includes the following courses: Public Economics, Management, Statistics, Economic History, EU Law, Game Theory & Industrial Organisation, Economics of European Integration and International Economics, among others. New dual-title agreement with SOAS University of London.

LL.M. Common Professional Examination

The Common Professional Examination programme offered by the University of Wolverhampton, also known as the Graduate Diploma in Law, is the route for non-law graduates wanting a fast-track pathway to a professional law qualification.

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